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lördag 5 juni 2010

Urban riot - Public enemies (2005)

01. Brave words (bloody knuckles)
02. Danger mouse
03. Don't tread on me
04. Show no mercy
05. Giuliani
06. The taxman cometh
07. Shatterd glass
08. Burning squatters
09. Public enmies
10. Of mice and men
11. Divided we stand
12. Here to stay
13. Love it, or leave it

Released by Headache records in 2005 and then later re-releaed through Trailer park records.

Their last release and also their hardest one. Playing in a skinhead band around the NY area in '00 and not being influenced by the HC scene there is a hard thing and Urban riot turned more into Oicore on this record but still kept their original slow sound on many of their songs. Milo also gives it a harder tone then when Matt did the vocals and as we all know by now is that the whole "hard tough guy" sound doesnt always walk hand-in-hand with a good musical sound.
The songs that i like most are offcourse the ones that remind me of their earlier sound and even if this album mostly is a bit off a skinhead macho showoff it has many good songs that stand above many of the more known Oi! bands of the mid '00s era. Best one on the record is the song Public enemies that has a great Templars feeling to it with nice guitarplay dividing the choruses from the rest of the song. They also bring forth a new re-recorded version of the song Love it, or leave it that has that uber-patriotic American feeling that i hate to love.
Divided we stand is a good track that i missed the first times i listened to the album and actually "discovered" when i listened through the album for this review. Its a good track that stands out in these days with lyrics like "Talk's of unity its all the same/Just means noone wants to get blamed/Stand on your own if you can/On two feet like a fucking man".
This album i not yet sold out of all stores so if you like it pick it up at

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