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onsdag 9 juni 2010

Strongarm and the bullies - Demo (2007)

01. Sail away
02. More than a friend
03. White crosses

A demo that Jared the guitarist sent to me that i had totally missed. All tracks where recorded in 2007 but they are still of current intrest since they are recording and looking for a record deal as we speak and these songs will be on it (if it ever gets released that is).
A bit more rock 'n' roll sound from their earlier stuff even if their early songs all had a r'n'r feeling. Cant really say its Oi! anymore (seriously only 1% of todays Oi! bands actually sounds like Oi!) but as long as Erick blesses the band with his voice (its unique to say the least) they will always have a place on this site.

Sail away is probably the track that reminds most about their old sound but actually my least favourite on the demo (sometimes something just bugs me hehe). Both More than a friend and White crosses are excellent punkrock songs and i really like their matured sound.

If you have any place left on your label then get in contact with these guys and see to it that they expand their discography a bit.

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