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lördag 26 juni 2010

The trouble - Crime and Punishment 7'' (1997)


01. Shadows on the streets

02. This one's for you

03. No regrets

04. Saturday's kids

Released by GMM in 1997.

Great but not so longlived punkband from Boston that used to be called Saturday's kids but changed their name in 1996. The band consisted of Gibby Miller on vocals, Warren on bass, Sam Cave on guitar and Mike Hendrick on drums. They released a demo that lead to this first release on GMM. They released another 7'' together with 30 seconds over Tokyo and a fulllenght but finally in 1999 they did a last show in Boston and said goodbye for good. This band was doomed from the beginning because of lack of commitment like missing ooked gigs or showing up drunk without equipment (hey your only young once so what the hell). All members of the band continued to play in other bands after the breakup. Gibby formed the hardcore band Panic in 2001 but today he focuses on producing electro (WTF!?). Sam played in hardcorebands like The tonsils and The explosion before moving to Canada.

All the tracks on this EP was later released on their full-length but these are a bit different in lenght and quality so what the hell i will upload this one as well for you discography nerds out there. Its a bit harder than most other tracks on the full-lenght and two of the best tracks from that album are here namely Shadows on the streets and No regret. Great EP and as far as i know its sold out so you'll just have to stick with my upload.

(Update 7 December 2011: Updated the information. Check the comment section for more details.)


5 kommentarer:

  1. Do You have a copy of the demo, or any of the Saturday Night Kids stuff?

  2. Gibby also created one of the first alt social networking websites/meat market in the late '90s/early '00s, www.makeoutclub.com.

  3. For what it's worth the bass player on this 7" (and the split 7") was not Makt Peterson -- he joined later after original bassist Warren (?) parted ways with the band. Makt was previously in a short-lived mid-'90s Boston-area group with Trouble drummer Mike Hendrick called DPW (Disgruntled Postal Workers) who released a 4-song demo; after Makt joined the Trouble, they played a DPW song in their live set. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Makt was never in Choking Victim (funny rumor though).
    While a "live at the Middle East" recording probably existed, I'm 99% sure it was never "released" as a demo and they never sold it at their shows. Sorry for all the nitpicking. The Trouble were GREAT live and definitely the best Boston punk band in the late '90s!

  4. Thanks for the info. Updated it.