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lördag 19 juni 2010

Labor force - True to the blue (2006)

01. Another day
02. FNSE
03. Jimmy
04. Loyalty
05. The enemy
06. The union army
07. Passing the torch
08. The morning war
09. Labor force
10. Intolerable
11. The boys
12. American nightmare

Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

A socialist band from Cleveland, Ohio heavily influenced by Dropkick murphy's, Street dogs and the sort. The band was started by the singer Mikey "Pain" and the guitarist/skater Joshua "Jaws" Vardous that also runs the punkpin company called Factory kids buttons. They released this cd in 2006 and a demo the year after and have undergone some lineup changes but from what i know they are still active as a band today.

This band isnt only influenced by Dropkick they also try to imitate their sound without the skills to really pull it of (for me Dropkick is always a bad influence). I like most of their choruses and none of the members are awefull at what they do but on most tracks it sounds as the tempo of the songs are way ahead of the vocals and on tracks like The enemy and Loyalty the uptempo mumbling from Mickey becomes almost painfully akward to listen to. The band is great on the bit slower songs like American nightmare and the excellent aucoustic track Intolerable but somehow i always think of the weaker songs when thinking of this band.
This is the bands first release and i am happy to see any punk come out of Ohio (lived in Findlay, Ohio when i lived in US for some time) so i hope to see more of this band in the future.

4 kommentarer:

  1. What the hell were you doing in Findlay?

  2. Mainly observing a lot of John Deer tractors and trying to fit in with the upper middle class white population. Only stayed for a couple of months at a friends place.

  3. The demo came out way before this did. I'm from Cleveland and I remember the drummer passing out the demo outside of a show in 2004. I think I still have it laying around somewhere.

  4. Labor Force what a good name. Wish I thought of it. Great songs also. There has to be more Oi! bands like this out there.