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torsdag 24 juni 2010

Crucial change - American made (2007)

01. Combat 05
02. American made
03. Soldier
04. The kids
05. Proud, strong & free (Stars & stripes cover)
06. Rich kid justice
07. Out today
08. Trouble
09. Peace

Released by Dim records in 2007.

A hardhitting Oi! band from Seattle that is one of the leading groups in todays American classic Oi! revival. They play the music like it used to sound and has that same attitude towards politics and patriotism (that sound is what made me prefer US Oi! in the first place). The band was created sometime around 2004 by Tyler Busik on vocals and guitar, Ramone Alvine on bass and Tamon Fujimi on drums. They are in no way a "happpy" Oi! band singing about drinking and dancing but instead they include more serious subjects about workingclass life and the way they see it without getting to political about it. Comming out of a city more known for longhaired art-rockers then baldheaded patriotic skins they didnt have it easy. Majority of Seattle's skinheadscene is made up of politically correct skinheads that seems to know whats good for everybody else in the scene (thats basicly every scene in every country though) and adding the fact that Seattle is one of the few citys in America that is blessed with the lack of any major organized nazigroups to point fingers at Crucial change was handed the cross quickly. Today only Tyler is the original member in the band but their sound is the same (if not better) and i will follow this band as long as i have my blogg.

This album was first released through Dim's but also given away as a free gift with their 2009 album 33 also that one released through Dim's.
At first glance on this record one might think that its some ultra rightwinged nutter band with old European sun symbols and all but listening to them you will see that they have more pride then hate.
They start of the record strong with a Romper stomper inspired intro song called Combat 05 that is a bit stereotype about the skinhead that only is happy when in a fight (haha) but damn its tight. Second song is about patriotism and what its all about with lyrics like "Stand with the one's who made it great/Not the one's who rule by hate". Their cover of Proud, strong & free really took me by surprise since its one of my favourite songs and with all respect to Stars & stripes i must say that CC actually does it better. My absolute favourite song is Out today about bringing American troops home and focus on cleaning up their own national mess before looking oversees.
Basicly this album is for anyone that loved Anti-heros, Kicker boys and Arresting officers when they where around and together with bands like Vaticans, The pillage, Vanguard and Brassic this band represent what American Oi! used to be when it was great.
If you like this album then be sure to buy their latest album entitled 33 at some of these stores:

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