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onsdag 16 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Forgotten heros (2000)

01. Sober & miserable
02. Forgotten heros
03. Up yer bovver
04. Man you never knew
05. Cheers to beers
06. Forever free (The protest)
07. No regrets
08. Stark raving drunk
09. Weekend kids
10. O' my dier
11. Super yob
12. Drink on right on
13. Rich boy scum
14. Justice for all?

Released by Radio records in 2000.

First of all this album is not callled Yesterdas heroEs, its not from 2003 and no track number 6 is not a W.A.S.P. cover (hmphh some people).

This last record is probably their most famous one, released in a whooping 1,000 copies (much for being an underground skinhead band) but sadly also their worst in my oppinion.

Out of the 5 really good tracks only 2 are new tracks and the rest can be found on their 7'' released the year before. The album actually only contains 8 "visible tracks and the rest are "hidden" bonus songs (wonder what they where smoking when they came up with that idea).
The 2 good new tracks are O' my dier and the fastpaced Up yer bovver so basicly you can just download it and save yourself some money.
I noticed that Interpunk still had some copies of the record so if your taste is different from mine and you really think its worth buying then you can pick it up here (its only 6$).

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