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söndag 13 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Born to booze 10'' (1997)

01. Domestic violence
02. Sauced for life
03. Born to booze
04. Shaken not stirred
05. Pissed & proud
06. Anywhere but here
07. Drink on right on
08. Hard days, hard nights
09. Duff beer
10. One for the road
11. Born to booze (extended version)

Released by Scumfuck Mucke in 1997.

It might be only a 10'' but its content is way above most full releases by other bands. It was released by the disturbingly politically correct german label Scumfuck Mucke just a year after their first release. The soundquality is not topnotch and all songs are about drinking or passing out but its actually my favourite album by the band.
This record is the first where they are a 100% 3 piece band and John Hilario is now the leadsinger with Stan Corona taking over the vocals on 3 of the tracks.
They start of the album with an instrumental that is as brilliant as it is simple and after that they set the lyrical standard for the rest of the album with the beer-infested lyrics on Sauced for life "People say im shit for society/Dont they wish that they could drink like me/Living life every fucking day/Doing things my own fucking way/People try to tell me how to rock/But i just smile and sing a drunken song". This is basicly the lyrical content on every single song and even if the record might be a bit to slow and has its recording issues its a great "partyalbum". The album has its lowpoints like the song Duff beer that lacks any inspiration in any way but with superb songs like Hard days hard nights, Shaken not stirred and the extended version of Born to booze its hard not to love this album.
After reading complaints about megaupload having issues with viruses i have now switched to using mediafire.

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  1. Been keeping an eye out for this one for a while...thanks, Bernando. Always liked these guys. Nothing ground-breaking, but always solid. How can your girl hate them?!