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måndag 28 juni 2010

The trouble & 30 seconds over Tokyo - A day in the suburbs 7'' (1997)

01. The trouble - We are the blood
02. The trouble - False front
03. 30 seconds over Tokyo - Do i have the right?
04. 30 seconds over Tokyo - Next generation

Released by Flat records in 1997.

(Updated 27 May: Uploaded the album again but for some reason i had deleted the 30 seconds over Tokyo tracks. The new link ONLY contains the songs by The trouble)

This album is a good showcase of good punk and bad punk. On one side whe have The trouble with 2 great tracks (False front being my alltime favourite track by the band) and on the other side we have 30 seconds over Tokyo ruining the whole experience. This album is missing a 30 seconds over Tokyo track but i dont think anyone into the same music as me will care.
False front is an exclusive track and can only be found on this release.

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