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onsdag 30 juni 2010

The trouble - Nobody laughs anymore (1998)

01. We re the blood
02. Shadows on the streets
03. Burned up, washed out
04. This one's for you
05. You make me sick
06. Teenage terror
07. Come to grips
08. Grasping at straws
09. No regrets
10. Dead and gone
11. End of my rope
12. Saturday's kids
13. Reckless
14. Youth is wasted by the young
15. Insight

Released by GMM records in 1998.

The first and only full-length by the band containing their older songs and some new one's. The band had developed a bit and have now become a bit to "screamy" for my taste (Teenage terror for example) but some of the new songs are really good like the song Grasping at straws that really stands out among the rest.
Bottom line is that its a good record leaning more to the punkrock sound then your typical US Oi! sound. Most new songs are either to fastpaced or to punkrock and i would probably have liked the album a bit more if they could have landed somewhere inbetween. Anyway a good punk record standing way above most other.

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