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torsdag 1 juli 2010

Crosshair - Lonestar crew Demo (2001)

01. Intro
02. On the streets
03. Bring 'em back
04. Keep the faith
05. Something to fear
06. You'll get yours
07. Don't stand a chance
08. Instrumental
09. Rest in peace (the file is broken only first 18 sec. Sorry)
10. Crosshair bootboys
11. Texas will rise again

Selfreleased demo from 2001.

A forgotten and unknown garageband from Texas that never released any actuall album but they had this demo. To tell you the truth i dont know shit about this band and noone i have talked to knows anything about them either. I dont even know where i got this demo from its just been laying around for some time now but i think some Yank sent it to me through email way back in 2005 or something.

This is hard fast Oi! punk with the same attitude as bands like Squiggy and the likes. If this band would have been around in the glorydays of mid 90's then GMM or some other American Oi! label would have released their stuff without thinking twice but now they are doomed to wither away from history.
It is all demosongs but the quality of most songs are good and starting the demo with the courthouse scene from the movie Boondocks saints followed with a vigilante track entitled On he streets and you know what your in for. Best track on the album is Crosshair bootboys that might not be anything new and revolutionary but it does its job with serving a great skinhead battle anthem. Dont miss the superb instrumental track either.

If anybody knows any info about this please mail me or comment.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Never even heard of these guys...thanks.

  2. I used to run around with these guys. If you have question I may be able to help.

  3. Missouribull:
    Did anyone from the band go on to start/join any other band after their breakup?

  4. Crosshair was the “Lone Star Crew” band out of Ft. Worth, TX. Mike Swank, the big guy in the demo photo, went into the Army Early 2000. The word is that front man Mike got out of the army and went to do other things but I lost contact after he signed up. It's cool you have this, not many people outside of Midwest Oi! fest in early 2000’s know about this band. If you have the full demo cover I would like to get a copy. I lost this demo years ago. I have other unheard of American Oi! If you’re interested.

  5. There are a few more bands that you may wana look into. “Circle of Trust” out of Kansas City, MO. “Beantown boozehounds” out of Boston, MA. I have some stuff from a Midwest Oi! band in 86 Called “Rising Sun” later became “Violent Karma”.

  6. Nice info. Sorry but this is all i have. Those bands all sound intresting and if they sound anything like this band i would be glad to hear some.

  7. I played guitar in this band and wrote most all of the music. I've contacted Bernhard and will provide more details, a copy of the first Crosshair demo, and pictures soon. - Michael