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måndag 5 juli 2010

Tommy gutless - Death, honor or glory bound (2004)

01. Rise again
02, Death honor, or glory bound
03. Working class dream
04. Rock 'n' roll (for the thugs)
05. Sunday morning
06. We can do it
07. One thing on my mind
08. Shades apart
09. Anthems for revolution
10. East water street
11. 54'40 or fight
12. Priceless advice
13. Americana
14. Last chance for redemption

Released by Street Anthem Records in 2004.

A band from Pittsburgh playing streetpunk with Oi! influences. The band was formed in 2000 and only released this cd and a demo in 2007 (the band broke up in 2008 so nothing became of it).
The band consisted of Bryan McQuaid on vocals, Thomas Guentner (thats his brother on the cover) on guitar and backing vocals, Eric Huntsman on guitar (though he is only featured on 4 tracks on this cd), Rich Pribis on bass and Dave "Ace" Niggemyer on drums.
Their sound is easiest explained as a mix off Hudson falcons, Pistol grip an the good part of bands like Flatfoot 56, Street dogs and Dropkick Murphy's (the part without irish folkmusic and drunken mumbeling about god and working on the docks).

For a band that started out as a fun sideproject they sure know how to make hitsongs and this whole album is filled with them. First of all what a damn nice booklet they deliver their music with. Every single song has an explanation on what it is about and what they thought about when writing it and if your like me and actually care about the lyrics (even though its punk we're talking about here) its a nice surprise.
I first heard them on Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2 with their civilwar song 54'40 or fight and got sold directly but now after some time witht he record i have to say that's one of their weakest tracks. They have some great singalong punktracks that sticks in your head (Shades apart, Workingclass dream, Rise again) and some with a bit more R'n'R feeling (One thing on my mind, Rock'n'Roll) but its on tracks like Americana and Priceless advice where they slow it down and go a bit more aucustic that they really shine. Americana and Priceless advice is about growing up and remembering the ideals that was passed down on you. It's hard to believe that these songs together where written in less than an hour.
Its said to see how an actually good streetpunk band like this died out so fast (while Rancid never seems to stop).
This record is still available for purchace in distros so if you download and like it then buy it from some of these sites:

2 kommentarer:

  1. i saw them play about 20 times,always a good a show.

  2. One of my favorite albums of all time