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tisdag 6 juli 2010

The drunks - Live free or die, die, die 7'' (2002)

01. New hampshire
02. Voice of glory
03. Hooligan youth

Released by D.S.S. records in 2002.

The drunks new bandname is here The dark alley drunks but the vinyl still says The drunks so i will just stick with the old name.

This is their second and last release and to be honest its only one track that is worth listening to. But that single track is the ebst one i have heard with them. Its the first track and it has a sort of country feeling and is about staying young forever. They compare marriage to death but i wonder how many of these 4 mid-20's punkstars has escaped it 8 years on.
Both other tracks are nothing special and basicly tracks that only a mother can love.
Sorry i bought the last 7'' available so you will just have to stick with my superb rip of the record.

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  1. såg ju ut som tiger army på baksidan av vinylen hehe