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måndag 19 juli 2010

Headwound (Introduction)

Another classic longrunning band out of New Jersey with close connections to Niblick Henbane and The wretched ones. The band was officially formed back in 1990 by Harry Baggs (guitar) and Johnny Hate (drums) after realising their old band called Wabbit season wouldnt go anywhere. They where only a "livingroom band" at this state but one drunken night their friend Choppie Sinclaire grabbed the mic and started singing the lyrics they had written down and suddenly they had a singer (these three friends are still today in the band). Next party Choppie brought along his friend Nek to play some bass with the band and suddenly the first complete Headwound lineup was born.
Just a short time after their first show (on Brighton bar NJ PUNKFEST) they got signed to Headache records that their friend Armen (singer of The wretched ones) had just started. They released their first 7'' in 1991 called simply The E.P. and followed it up in 1993 with their second 7'' called Kings of beer. Around this release Nek decided to leave the band and was replaced with Dan Brewer on bass. With this lineup they released their next 7'' but this one on Dim Records.
Missing out on the fame, glory and loose women Nek returned to play bass on their 1994 full-length but was replaced by J.C on bass right after that. In 1996 they released their fourth 7'' that was the last record through Headache records. Choppie worked (dont know if he still does) at Armens electronics company around this time and after so it is clear that it wasnt bad blood between the band and the label that was a result of this departure.

In 1998 they did a song for Squigtone records compilation Siege the day and it resulted in them being signed and releasing a collection album in 2000 that contained their first two 7''s and the A-side from the 7'' released by Dim records (their B-sides where featured on other releases) and some old demosongs. This makes it much easier for me to get their discography up hehe.
Some year after this J.C left the band but was replaced by skilled Quincy McGirk on bass and with this lineup they recorded their last (latest) record in 2004 (though the sleeve says 2005) for Haunted Town records. After this it was quiet for some time but they appeared in 2008 on a Black hole compilation and just a few months ago Squiggy's new label Working class records announced that they will be releasing a new album with Headwound featuring their fourth 7'' a some livesongs and newly recorded studiosongs.

20 years on and still going strong!

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