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söndag 20 december 2009

A new recordlabel.

A new recordlabel started by old bandmembers from Squiggy that ran Squigtone records back in the days. They have just started the label so no bands have been signed yet (well except Squiggy offcourse).
They celebrate the launch of the label with 2 new releases by Squiggy.
The first one is a whole new album called Hated, Jaded and just plain pissed that is set to be released sometime around 2010. The other one is a compilation of their older 7''s and splits (dont worry Squiggy is next on my list so you will be seing those old EP's for download next week) and even some rare songs that never found their way to any propper release. The album will be called The early years collection and is out sometime in 2010 to.

With the label they also run the clothinglabel Just over broke that mostly sell some nice Squiggy t-shirts (damn nice once if you ask me) but also some items with the workingclass rec logo. Everything from babyclothing to housewares. Its a moneymaking world bitch so go get some HERE.

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