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onsdag 30 december 2009

The Oi!strs - Too Oi! (1998)

01. The Oi!sters
02. I'm a skinhead
03. Fresh cut blues
04. Scooter boys
05. King of rudeness
06. I'm proud
07. My byrd
08. A song about Texas
09. Time to pay
10. It's your turn (to learn about hate)
11. Spirit of 69
12. Freedom
13. Oi! to the drinking boys
14. Spit in your face
15. Bad moon rising (Creedence clearwater revival cover)

As far as i know it was self-released in 1998.

This band got started down in texas around 1995 by members from Contradicks and other smaller groups from the local scene. The original line-up was Bobby Fuentes aka Bob-O on drums (in the bands re-union 2009 he switched to singing duties instead), William Thomas aka Puddin' on vocals , Ethan Argenbright aka Ham Hoc on guitar and Brian Eckstein aka Tuna on bass.
The band has changed members back and forth and the only one that has been in the band from beginning to the end is Ethan (Brian doesnt count cause he didnt get into the group untill 1998).

They play pure Oi! (with some blues and Southern rock influences) but with typical Oi! themes in their lyrics. Even if it gets a bit to much Oi!Oi!Oi! in the choruses from time to time they still import some blues and ska vibes into the songs to make something generic sound intresting.

The album is something you dont see often from the us. They actually make songs about Spirit of 69 (Spirit of 69) and another one about scooters (Scooter boys) and all im missing is a football song to make the "originality" complete.
One of the best anti-racist skinhead songs is featured under the titel It's you turn (to learn about hate) and also a surprisingly good cover of the old song Bad moon rising.
All in all its a good album with many tracks that sound simple at the first listen but they actually grow on you and i can easily say this album is in my top 100 American Oi! albums (considering i own over 500).

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