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söndag 13 december 2009

The wretched ones - We don't belong to nobody (2000)

01. Overtime
02. Bicycle Jack
03. Welcome to the eastcoast
04. Know it all
05. This place is huge
06. Big block ford
07. Rules
08. Drinking beer and rock and roll
09. Oi! mode
10. Leave the old man alone
11. We dont belong to nobody
12. Where i wont be
13. Dead man working

Released by Headache records in 2000.

The third full-length and they are now in my opinion pure Oi!. The album is named after an old The burnt track and it is also featured on the album. Dont really know if you can call it a cover since 1/2 of the bandmembers are playing in this band to.
My all time favourite track by The wretched Welcome to the eastcoast is on this album and a whole lot of other great tracks to. The veteran tribute Leave the old man alone and Dead man working are both classic songs and to me they are the purest example of the New Jersey punksound.
Since its sunday today and i am about an hour from starting my next 6-day work week i can really relate to the first track on the album. Fucking Overtime!

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