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fredag 18 december 2009

Best defense - Six gun justice (1999)

01. Boot boy
02. Its time
03. Armed with the truth
04. Come to an end
05. American & proud
06. Lost now found
07. We'll smash you
08. Six gun justice
09. American skins
10. Your defence
11. Us against them
12. Reaction rock

CD released by Pure Impact in 1999.

Basically this is Best defense's complete discography from 1987 to 1990. And if it wasnt for Pete at Pure Impact these tapes would probably never have seen the light of day.

The band formed in Pennsylvania around 1987 with Greg Olsen on vocals, Tom Walkinshaw on lead guitar, Dave Baiter on rythm guitar, Shawn Moyer on bass and Jim Rogers on drums.
Like most young skinheadbands they started making music that they would want to listen to themselfs but couldnt because of the very few bands around at the time.
All songs on the album are songs recorded around the 3 years the band was active a few was released on compilation albums but never on any proper release by the band.
Actually Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed was supposed to sign the band to his Oi! Records in 1989 but the label shut down before it could be done. Thanks to Roddy for releasing the master tapes to Pure Impact though.

Good old brutal Oi! with lyrics to kill. They make it clear where they stand from the first song, patriotic, anti-liberal, anti-commie, and anti-most-things but unlike what most people think they where always non-racist.
Most tracks have a good R'n'R feeling to them and on the track Lost now found i can hear clear influences from The Misfits (like i always do).
The quality of the recordings are surprisingly good considering the tapes has been laying around in a drawer in Wales 10 years before this cd was made.
Best tracks are Armed with the truth, Your defence and Its time (shouting out their coldwar hate with the lyrics Can you see the red flags rising, its time to put them in their place).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Just an FYI, Moyer (aka Lumpy) played in my band Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers from 1995-2000. We've had a number of releases over the years and the stuff from the 90s should be rereleased sometime this year.


  2. the singing, at least on the tracks that appear on The Spirit of Oi American Style, doesn't remind me of Misfits - actually it sounds as if Richie from NYHC band Underdog sang for them. i had to check the lineup to see if he did a stint in an Oi band :)

    1. Everything is inspired by Misfits, always and forever ;)