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lördag 26 december 2009

Squiggy - Songs about hate, anger & the American way (1999)

01. Pull the trigger
02. Rock star
03. Somebody
04. Here lies liberty
05. Hang the lawyers
06. Boots & braces, studs & leather
07. The hands of time
08. What are you fighting for
09. Go home
10. Johnny
11. Welfare case
12. Anti-establishment
13. Squatter punk
14. Propaganda
15. Score one
16. Stand up
17. Middle calss rebellion
18. Dead end kids

Released by Headache records in 1999.

Their first propper cd is smacked full of (18 tracks) old songs and some new ones to. If you own the old ep's this might not be a record of priority but some of the new tracks are really great. Hands of time talking about the moving of workingclass jobs to asian counties and the problems it brings for the nation and Welfare case pulling the trigger on those that abuse the system those workers rely on. A solid release and probably the first record you should download if you never heard of the band before.
(Damn great coverart for the album)

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