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onsdag 9 december 2009

The wretched ones - Selftitled (1993)

01. The first song
02. Going down the bar
03. We're not stopping now
04. Nothing wrong
05. Waiting
06. Old songs
07. I'm troubled withing
08. The next round
09. Johnny burnout
10. Working man
11. Waste my time
12. Time marches on
13. Pissed it all away
14. Oi! rodgers
15. Save my place
16. I hated school

Released by Headache records in 1993.

The first full-length from New Jerseys finest that contains most of the songs released on Ep's between 88-93 (the rest was released on later full-lengths).
Unlike most bands that make their bass/guitarist take over the vocals this is really good. Armen fitts perfectly to the rest of the band and even if the sound is almost simulair to The burnt it has a more skinhead friendly touch to it.
Most songs are about drinking and working but they also touch subjects about todays (1993's) populair music and not fitting in to the everyday life and society (mainly cause they drink to much).
Save my place the best track on the album is a fast one that ends at 0:59 but damn what a good track it is. Other great tracks are I hated school, Working man, Pissed it all away and The next round that shows their engagement to political topics with the lyrics "System is crumbling there is drugs everywhere it gets worse everyday, but we dont care about anything we just wanna have fun and sing". You might read between the line and find some PC message hidden in there but please dont. Trust me these guys just wanna have fun and sing.
Classic album!

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