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tisdag 22 december 2009

Squiggy & The Oi! scouts - Split 7'' (1997)

A1. Squiggy - Hang the lawyers
A2. Squiggy - Corporate
A3. Squiggy - Jack

B1. The Oi! scouts - Another battle
B2. The Oi! scouts - Police harassment

Released by Squigtone records in 1997.

In 1997 they teamed up with fellow New Jersey boys in The Oi! scouts (more about them in the future) and even if their attitude and sound are different they blend in together perfectly on this album. Even if Squiggy's side is stronger i was pleasently surprised with the scouts side since its not a group i often rank high on my playlist. Their song Another battle is awesome and their artcover with the simpsons family is just awesomely tacky.

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  1. Thanks for filling in some holes in my collection, Bernhard. Was missing "Anti-Establishment" and this one!