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söndag 20 december 2009

Squiggy (introduction)

A band that was started around 1995 in the backalleys of New Jersey. Started by Doug on bass, Don on guitar/vocals and Glenn on guitar they later on drafted Anotherance's drummer Joel and the band was born. They took the name Squiggy from a character of the old sitcom Laverne & Shirley and also named there recordcompany after the house band of that same show, namely Squigtone.
Quickly getting fans within the New Jersey scene and performing with their hometown compatriots Niblick henbane and The wretched ones they decided to start the Squigtone Records. At first to put out their own records but in the end releasing bands from even outside America. Like most other minor punkbands they mainly focused on releasing solid 7''s and doing some splits and didnt release their first full-leangth album 'til 1999.
Their sound is a sort of post 77 era britpunk (Varukers etc.) and Americas own off-spring Oi!core. Fastpaced and agressive with a wide set of lyrics all from social issues to more daytoday ones like the scene (most bandmembers contributed to the lyrics instead of just one member like in most other bands).
They put the band on ice in 2001 but have recently started a new recordlabel and are set to release 2 albums next year so be sure to check them out if you happened to miss them.

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