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onsdag 23 december 2009

Squiggy & Infiltrators - Split 7'' (1999)

01. Squiggy - My way
02. Squiggy - Double standard
03. Squiggy - This land is your land
04. Infiltrators - Rumble still skins
05. Infiltrators - Before dawn
06. Infiltrators - Don pedro
07. Infiltrators - IDND

Released by Squigtone records in 1999.

Daaaamn this is good!!!!!!
Squiggy's side is called Kill the hippies and features 3 flawless tracks of the highest quality.
Starting of is My way about independence and the right to NOT fit in. Double standard is a uberfast song about a damn touchy subject and finishing of the A-side is a cover of an old classic, This land is your land that actually fits perfect as a punktrack.
The infiltrators side is called Vows of secrecy and features 4 quick psychopunk tracks. Rumble still skins is the best (and the only one over a minute long) and even if the spanish track Don pedro and Before dawn are short and noizy its no crust-crap so dont worry. An intresting thing is the last song titled IDND that is actually an old poem by Mary Elisabeth Frye named Dont stand at my grave and weep.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Those 4 Infiltrator songs are from their demo. They also did a split with The Krays and put out a full length CD.

  2. Do you own the original album? Track 3 is messed up in the end. Around 1:07 and 1:08. Can you PLEASE convert and upload it again?

  3. Could you please provide a functioning link?