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tisdag 1 december 2009

The burnt - Charlie Brown 7'' (1988)

01. Charlie brown
02. I wanna pet my cat (with a bat)

Released by Headache records in 1988.

This record was recorded live by Pat Duncan when The Burnt hosted his program at WFMU in 1987. Basically their last record before they disbanded and reunited under the name The wretched ones (but i have some extras up my sleeve so dont worry).
Great soundquality for a liverecording (well live in a studio atleast) and good choice of songs.
Both tracks are great but I wanna pet my cat is by far the better one.

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  1. Thanks for re-upping all the NJ Oi! stuff. It's much appreciated.
    This link is dead already.

    1. Mmm thats all on my end i think. I'll try to upload it again.