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måndag 14 december 2009

The wretched ones - Less is more (2003)

01. Nice guys finish last
02. Killing for fame
03. America's most wanted
04. 69er
05. Primmadonna
06. Cell block 66
07. The end
08. Life for a life
09. Hey old man
10. Wretched girl
11. Choke
12. Legal violations
13. Schaffer theme
14. Brag brag
15. Destination
16. Dont need no love
17. Why do you lie
18. Christmas song
19. Just to get away (Poison idea cover)
20. Good guys dont wear white
21. Pirate love (Johnny thunder cover)
22. No more heroes (The strangers cover)
23. Lipstick on your collar
24. Live wire
25. America the beautiful

Released by Headache records in 2003.

This album was released in association with TKO-records and its more of a respectful gift for the fans then a new album. Instead of re-releasing their old 7'' and charging full price for them they compiled most of their old out off print records on this cd and sold it for a good price.
Many great tracks from their earlier carrer and also some new ones.
Greatest tracks are Killing for fame, The end, Life for a life, Dont need no love and Destination.
Christmas song is a good track for the upcomming holiday and is basicly their old track The first song remade with new lyrics fitting for thanksgiving dinner at gramps.
A respectful album for collectors and a tribute to their longrunning career.

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