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tisdag 29 december 2009

The booked - Feel the pride (2000)

01. Intro
02. Northwest united
03. The union
04. Knock out yer teeth
05. Red and yellows
06. Feel the pride
07. Crucified
08. Hero
09. Way of life
10. Boys night out
11. Refinery
12. The boys
13. Strike against corporate America
14. Riot at 811

Released by Radical records in 2000.

The group formed 1998 down in Texas by some good old boys and football-fanatics from the country side.
They took the name from the old football-term (no its not called soccer) of "being put into the book" that happends when a player commits a major foul against another player.
The band consisted of Trey Garcia (vocals), and his brother Bryan Garcia (guitar/vocals), Ray Solis (lead guitar/vocals), Danny Chapa (drums) and "The deuce" on bass.
Imidiatly after grouping together they sent out their first demo and got spotted by Radical records to join their 1999 tour in the south and later got booked (hehe) for the Road rage tour from Texas to NY (though their van never made it to New York but actually died on the way).
In 2000 they went into the studio to record their first and only release (except their split with Squiggy a year after) though their has been some rumours of a second re-union lately so hopefully their band aint dead yet.

This is a wierd album to say the least. I absolutely love the first half of the album but after track 8 it all goes sour, real sour.
Musically its a more streetpunk sound with some Oi! influences. They are bluecollar from top to bottom and most of their lyrics are about the life of the workingman and being proud of your way of life, country and class background. The cover is one of the best i have ever seen and sums up their attitude about pride quite well.
Best tracks are Feel the pride, Crucified, The union and Hero. I would have loved to give this album a higher grade but thanks to the last songs it gets a weak 7.

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  1. Nice! Never heard this one, Bernando. Thank you very much, sir.

  2. Hmmm...says it's unavailable??? I'll give it a try later on...

  3. Hm. Works fine when i download it. You still having problems?

  4. I tried it a few hours later and it worked fine...weird. Either way, I got it. Thanks.