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måndag 7 december 2009

Introduction to The wretched ones

One of the longest running bands in the American scene that ended this year after bringing quality music to the scene since 1988.
Rising from the ashes of the band The burnt Armen (aka Arm Pit) (aka Pit) (aka Pit headache) decided to put down the bass and start singing instead. Following him from his old band was B.T on guitar and they soon added Mike on drums and Bob picked up the bass instead of Armen.
With Armens own record label Headache records backing them up it didnt take long until they released their first records. They released numerous 5'' and 7'' before releasing their first full-length record in 1993. The great thing with this band is that they re-released all of their early and rare songs on their full-lengths so if you aint all that much off a collector you can simply buy all their cd's and still get the majority of their discography. (I know i wont upload every ep just for the fun of it, so you'll have to do with their full-lengths).
One thing i liked about this band is that they always played for fun and never really tried to fit in to any genre like Oi!, HC, punkrock or whatever. They made simple songs about everyday life as a workingman in America, no politics, no political correctnes, no toughguy attitudes and no bullshit.
Today Armen is running his own electonics company and Headache records is no more (maybe deciding not to register the record company to the IRS wasnt such a good idea after all).

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