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fredag 18 december 2009

The wretched ones - Make it happen (2007)

01. Make it happen
02. Your doing it wrong
03. Done with you
04. Less is more
05. Rut
06. The rockers
07. Pay the piper
08. Cannot tell a lie
09. Skin neighbour
10. I'm on my own agenda
11. Lady boss
12. Destination

Released by Headache records in 2007.

The last record released by Armen and the boys and also the last record to be released on Headache records.
Not really the record i was waiting for. Here is a band that has defined the New Jersey sound and stayed true to the original sound since the early 80's. 24 years since the first The burnt record and they still sound basically the same. Only this time they lack the "hit" songs that made you forget that.
Dont get me wrong its nothing bad about this album. The drummer does its job and so does the rest of the band. It just that it sounds tired and forced the whole album through.
Im on my own agenda and Lady boss are great tracks and they also included the old song Destination but other then that its a bad last album since i would rather be reminded of Less is more when i think about them.

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