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torsdag 31 december 2009

The Oi!strs - Choke on it CD (2000)

01. Battle cry
02. 8th grade graduate
03. American pride
04. Here's to me
05. Pussyfart
06. Ode to bitches
07. Good times
08. Anti-racist
09. I dont care
10. Lil' buddy
11. Working class
12. My generation (The who cover)

This album was selfreleased by the band in 2005 but since the songs where recorded in 2000 i will label them from their original year.

(A rare album many doesnt even know exists and i now present it for the first time on the internet in digital format. The things people do to get friends ;)

New drummer for these recordings, since Bob-O focused on his other band Blunt force trauma around this time Nate Lynas replaced him (he also played drums in their re-union line-up since Bob-O took over vocal-duties).

The album cover looks like a joke but its not. The whole album is homemade and burned on a computer (sour feeling since it costed fullprice when i bought it) and their is no colour at all or even a cd-booklet. Not the same quality on the songs as on their previous release but there are some rare and good songs on this album. The ones that stand out are American pride, Lil' buddy and the rock 'n' roll song I dont care.

This was their last recordings as far as i know and since they started doing shows again in 2009 we might just see a proper release from them instead of these homemade cd's.

4 kommentarer:

  1. could both oisters albums be re-upped thanks man

  2. Can't wait for the re-upload. Rare and difficult to find ! Thanks, cheers.

  3. Thanks you very much, on youtube soon !