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onsdag 23 december 2009

Squiggy & The outsiders - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Squiggy - Pull the trigger
02. Squiggy - Score one
03. Squiggy - Whats going on
04. Outsiders - The outsiders
05. Outsiders - Somewhere
06. Outsiders - Frankie

Released by Squigtone Records in 1988.

Another couple of friends from New Jersey, this time The Outsiders (more from them later).
The most complete album by Squiggy and features one of my favourite bands on the b-side. 2 great tracks by Squiggy in their old fastpaced style (one old and one new) and a more laid back streetpunk song (Whats going on) featuring the whole band on vocals (football-style). They actually pull it of and i wish we will get more songs like that now when the band is back together.
The outsiders side is as good and if not better. The first song is a bit weak (and i know they have stolen the bassplay from some other song..... if you know please help me im going mad here) but the rest are all 10 pointers.
Best song on record is Frankie by The outsiders that has a bit of r'n'r feelíng to it and is about a man returning from war and the way that the gouvernment tricks kids into wars they never should have fought.

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