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onsdag 23 december 2009

Squiggy - Live on WFMU (1999)

01. Intro/Double Standard
02. Middle Class Rebellion
03. Jack
04. Pull The Trigger
05. Squatter Punk
06. Get Out
07. Stand Up
08. Pulling On The Boots (Romper stomper song)
09. Score One
10. Born Again
11. Anti-Establishment
12. Hang The Lawyers
13. What’s Goin’ On
14. Your Attitude

Released by Squigtone records in 1998 on cassette tape and later re-released by Squigtone on cd in 1999 (this being the later cd version).

I hate live records and have never understood the thrill of hearing some band live on the stereo instead of actually seing them live. The sound and instruments are always better in the studio versions and you dont ever have to hear the annoying pillow-talk inbetween the songs. Considering this isnt even a real live show but a gig they did at a New Jersey radio show in may 1998 its even more annoying. When it was released it was a great album since most songs had never been released before (all would later be released on EP's and cd) but since i am going to upload the real studio versions after this upload dont stress to download. Only good thing with hearing this album in 2009 is an exclusive cover of a song from The lion king that is about 15 seconds long right before Pulling on the boots.
4/10 (Bands really need to stop releasing live albums and start recording new material)

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