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fredag 30 september 2011

Rippin days.

Bought/recieved a whole bunch of records from various labels, distros and collectors the past months. None of the records above has been ripped yet....... putting on the cattle, taking a migrane pill and warming up my my Stanton player. I am in for a long night.

Live footage of Templars performing The glory it once was

torsdag 29 september 2011

Interview with Todd Herstein from The Krabs + dowload of their Working class 7''

I visited a friend for a barbeque this summer and heard a really good song called Working class so moved of the porch and into the house for some cratedigging and found out it was an American band called The Krabs. I later breezed through the latest issue of Wax & Violence and found out the band had released 2 EP's and a cassette. So who was this mystery band?

I just had to know more so i posted the band on my wishlist and got contacted by their old guitarist and singer Todd just a week after. My guess is a lot off other people have missed this band as well so i decided to do an interview to get some info on them. The band has just reunited and are getting ready to release a collection of their old songs on CD so i will throw in a download of their Working class EP as a sample of what to come from the CD.

¤Hi Todd. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Could you please introduce yourself and the band to the readers.

-I'm Todd, I play guitar and sing. John plays bass, Danny plays guitar and Matt plays drums. This is our original lineup although we made our first demo with Tim Pendergast (Born without a face) on drums because Matt couldn't do it for a while. We all met and were in other bands together in the late 80's in high school, then formed The Krabs around 1992. Our very first few shows were with a 15 yr old girl named Jessica Powell singing and a different drummer, Snapper (Pecker Tracks). We did about 3 shows with that lineup, but it's been mostly us four guys since 1993.

¤I am in a loss when it comes to your releases. I know you released 2 ep's and a demo but could you please give us the full discography?

-We have one full length tape called 616 Rumble that was recorded with Tim on drums. We made about 200 copies on cassette. Then when Matt got back in the band we recorded a 7" EP called Punk Crock and made 500 copies ourselves. Beat Hotel and Room 13 Records in Detroit then put out the Working Class 7". I believe there were 2000 copies of that. Then we had songs on various compilations on Centsless Records, Shredder Records, and some others I honestly just can't remember.

¤Will all these old releases be on the upcomming release?

-Yes, we are putting everything that we recorded on an upcoming release. We're hoping a label will put it out, but there is nothing for sure yet. If no label comes through, we'll do it ourselves. We also have a full length album of new unreleased material that we will be putting out soon as well. Again, still looking for a label!

¤When did you break up and for what reason? How did it feel to reunite and have you noticed any differances in the scene since the 90's?

-We never really broke up. Danny our guitar player went into the army around 1999 then ended up in Iraq for a few years. We played as a 3 piece for a while, but it just wasn't the same. When Danny finished his time (about 10 yrs) in the Army, we started playing again almost as soon as he came back. It felt great to be back together! We played a couple shows and a ton of people showed up, so that felt really great to know people remember us.
The scene here in Michigan is different now because for one thing, our economy has always been based on working class jobs like making cars. When all our jobs went to China, it means nobody has any money. So, instead of taking vacations, people now just buy a couple of beers and go to a show. The scene here is much bigger than it was in the 90's. We were actually kind of hated in our town because most bands here were anarchist crusty noise bands, and we weren't really into that. Now, it seems like people are more into the kind of music we are playing. So, that's good for us!

¤I heard some of your first songs and it didnt really sound like Oi!/Punk to me. What made you change your sound and what bands influenced you to do so?

-I'm not really sure that we changed our sound. I like to think that we've just gotten better! LOL We've always played different styles of music. I think our records ended up with more oi/streetpunk type songs on them, but we've always been into different music. We have some ska songs, some more metal type stuff, and some songs that are just kind of funny joke type songs. We just play what we want to play. We are all into various types of punk. I think when we were younger, we were listening to lots of British Oi!, New York Hardcore, and a lot of California punk. But, we like stuff like metal and ska as well! I've played in ska bands, garage bands, and metal bands. I even played in an Irish folk group for a while with my mother! The other guys have played other types of music as well. Some of our biggest influences were Michigan/Midwest bands like A.L.D. (Almighty Lumberjacks of Death), Negative Approach, Naked Raygun, Meatmen and Sloppy Seconds. Bands like the Business, Circle Jerks, Clash, Anti-Heros, Stiff Little Fingers, Black Flag were all bands that we listened to alot as well. Probably our biggest influence was from bands that nobody has ever heard of.
When we were growing up, there was a place called the Icepick that was the only punk place around and other than an occasional touring band, it was all local bands playing there. We were teenagers and it was our first taste of punk. There were skinheads and punks there and lots of beer. It was a great place. It was like a big family really. We got exposed to different lifestyles at a really young age. GG Allin even lived there for a while!

¤You mentioned that not only where you working on a collection album of old releases but also a brand new record with unreleased songs. What can we expect from this record? Gothrock or synthpop?

-Well our drummer had to eat his own arm when he was trapped in his car under the snow for over a month last winter, so he'll be playing Def Leppard style now. The rest of us have decided to play Swiss Alpenhorns instead of guitars, so we'll see what that sounds like. Seriously, it's pretty much straight forward American punk rock. The same four chords we've been playing for years!

¤From what i remember your town had some Left VS Right skinhead violence (Group 38 or what they called themselfs). How is it nowdays? Unity or fractions?

-We've never really had much of a skinhead scene at all in our town. Detroit has had some problems, but our town of Grand Rapids has only a handful of skinheads. Mostly non-political, although there was one Aryan group back in the 80's called the Pitbull boys, but that's ancient history. The skinheads now are mostly just working class guys like us that like to drink beer and listen to good music after work. The only division in our city is between some young skins trying to prove they're men and us old guys. But, nothing real big.

¤This is probably the most important question of them all. What do you know about the fabulous and ass-kicking viking kingdom known as Sweden?

-Hmm.... well, I know the Swedish word "Lagom", from what I read in the news there is a growing problem with the muslims in Sweden (maybe need to revive that viking heritage?), and Sweden has a knack for producing pop groups that help drunk Americans have sex (Abba, Ace of Base, etc.). Probably the most important aspect of Sweden though, and the reason we want to tour in Sweden, is because of your beautiful women!

The Krabs - Working class 7'' (1995)
01. Working class
02. Victim
03. Gun control
04. Destroyers

Released by Room 13 Records in 1995.

Nice coverart in typical 90's fashion á Headache Records etc.
The first song on the record was the one that sparked my intrest in the band. Maybe it was mostly because the rest of the music i heard that evening was underground electro and over appretiated Black Flag records, i dont know.
Listening to it now afterwards it aint all that special, it's good and all but not even the best one in the bunch.

The best song of them all is Gun control. A great and fast anthem about...... gun control and quite reminds me about a more pop and less noizy Squiggy.

måndag 26 september 2011

The booked - Demo (2005)

01. Keep up your guns
02. Barratry in Oak Park
03. The next crusade
04. Taking it back
05. Shut down the NEA

Got this demo sent to me by thedeadcomedian (many thanks) who i think got it from the singer Trey Garcia.

Remember The Booked? The softoi sounding band who released a great CD and a split with Squiggy in early '00. I have always thought the band dissapeared in 2001 (i know some members went to play in Capital Crimes) but somehow i missed out on a lot. The band actually keept recording some songs and "released" this demo around 2005.

Continued to look for some other info on them and realised that they where actually still together! As a matter of fact they have just finished recording new songs some months ago.

The only thing that annoyed me with their old album was the lack of intresting subjects and lyrics. Seemed that every song was about being tough and workingclass and active in workers rights (the last thing i want to listen to after working hard labour for a week).

Seems a lot has happened with both their sound and lyrics on the way. They are probably still a bluecollar band and they probably all work hard all week but this time around they dont feel the need to talk about it in their songs.

They still play a sort of softoi mixed with rock'n'roll (think Hudson falcons) but with a lot more diversity in both lyrics and the pure sound of their songs.

Best songs ont the demo are The next crusade (patriotic war-anthem), Shutdown the NEA (about weeding out liberal teachers with political agendas) and Barratry in Oak Park (aint got a clue what its about but it rocks).

Dont know if its just me but shouldnt these guys have a record deal by now!?!?! Stop handing out "4 records a year" to old and tired MTV punks/reformed football hooligans and give these old fucks a shot at fame instead. Seems a bit of that a great sounding band only gets to release a record every 12th year or something.

söndag 25 september 2011

Templars - Outremer (2005)

01. Forever young
02. True to the cause
03. Frontline
04. On the edge
05. Own free will
06. Situation critical
07. A friend
08. Alone in a crowd
09. Lost & found
10. Nowhere fast
11. PC muscles
12. On my own

-Also added 3 extra tracks that wasnt on any of the pressings-

13. Dawns early light
14. Livsstil (Agent Bulldogg cover)
15. For a while

Released by GMM Records on cd in 2005 and then later re-issued on picture LP by Randale Records in 2007 (the version i have).

A true showing how much i view records as collectors items more than something to listen to is that i didnt understand i had the wrong songlist to this record untill a week ago. Yet i have owned the LP for some years now. I remember downloading the record online and then later buying it on LP. The version i downloaded had 15 songs on it and i thought that was the correct
tracklisting but then i checked the LP that had been collecting dust and realised that it only had 12 tracks.
Anyway i upload the extra songs i thought was on it since this has always been Outremer for me.

History facts for underground nerds:
Outremer is old French and means "Overseas". This was the common name that was given to the crusader states around Jerusalem. Basicly anything that wasnt on the border to France was called Outremer. For instance the French king Louis IV was called "Louis d'Outremer because he was born in England.

The album consists of songs recorded from 1999 to 2003 and has a nice mixed sound. Sure it might lack some of the old raw and brutal sound but asking a band to sound the same after more than 10 years active is just stupid. A well played and mature sound basicly.

I feel comfortable when listening to the album and checking through the sleevephotos. Not only do i see familuar faces from my own country and some known faces from UK but the whole feeling on the record feels much like a dedication to the bands friends and "fanbase".
Sure some songs are utter garbage (Alone in a crowd and A friend) but Templars post-Y2K sound is something that grows on you the more you listen to it.

The three extra songs i added (and always believed was on the album) are all top songs to with the Swedish-friendly flirt on Dawns early light and the English traslated version of the old classic Swedish Agent Bulldogg song Livsstil.

No matter if they play aggropunk like before (Violence etc) or the later Rolling Stones/The who inspired mod-rock they always seem to do it well enough to keep me as a loyal fanatic.

This is as far as i go in the Templars discography for now but will post some later albums in the future. (33 Templars posts.. damn)
Still for sale at these distros:
Oi! Aint Dead
Dim Records
Pure Impact
Victory Records
Rebellion Shop
North Records

lördag 24 september 2011

Templars & Crashed out - Split 7'' (2005)

01. Crashed out - Outcast
02. Templars - Nowhere fast

Released by Templecombe in 2005.

Split with the moloko punks in Crashed out from Britain. A highly overrated band in my oppinion and they dont really blow my mind on this EP either. Some ska influenced poptrack that has been done ten times better by other bands ten times before.

Templars on the other hand deliver a great song with superb guitarparts as ussual.
SOld out from all distros i know off.

torsdag 22 september 2011

Templars - The French connection 7'' (2004)

01. Dawn's early light
02. Anis par le din (Komintern Sect cover)

Released by Bords de seine in 2004 and re-issued in 2005 limited to 500 copies both times.

Templars start the EP by charming my patriotic heart with a ballad about the cold winternights of Sweden. To bad there was no lyrics with the EP. This song was re-released on their Outremer album but also there the lyrics to this song was missing (i own the picture LP and maybe it was on the cd version i dont know). If anyone has the lyrics to it then please contact me.

Second song is a cover and a great one at that. Carl does not sing on this one other than in the chorus. It doesnt sound like Chet singing so probably its KS singer (dont have a clue since i never liked that band and im not familuar with how he sounds).
Anyway both songs are superb in all departments!
To my knowledge its all sold out.

Templars - Reconquista 1994-1998 CD (2002)

01. Running out of time
02. Victim
03. War heros
04. Bovver boy
05. Easy way out
06. Concrete grave
07. No escape
08. No rhyme nor reason
09. Politicians
10. Stick to your guns
11. Another one
12. Just like them
13. Night of the seagulls
14. Never fade away
15. It aint right (Oppressed cover)

Released by GMM Records in 2002.

History facts for underground nerd:
Reconquista basicly means reconquest and is used to describe the years inbetween early 8th century and the late 15th century when various christian groups (The franks, Arian Christians etc.) reconquered old muslim areas in the Iberian kingdom.
The bands Reconquista didnt last for 800 years though, only 1994-1998.

A mixture of songs taken from compilations, EP's and splits during 94-98.

The record that showcases why Templars isnt only one of the longrunners in the US scene but also the kings without a crown.
The record is filled to the brim with classics and unreleased gems such as Night of the seagulls, Carry your guns, Bovver boy, Never fade away and Easy way out.
If it would have been new material it would have been a sure 10/10 but since the majority of the songs has been re-released some times now its welldeserved of a penalty point.
Can still be bought at:
Angry, young & poor
Victory records
Rebellion shop

Templars & Devilskins - Split 7'' (2001)

01. Templars - Last time
02. Devilskins - Simone de Locarno
03. Devilskins - La tua rivolta

Released by Oi! Strike in 2001.

Never bought it and never really searched for it. Cant really see anything good with this release.

Templars side is a weak attempt to make some 60's ballad rock but the poor quality of the singing and production just makes it weak. Is it just me or does even Phil even skip a couple of beats in the song?

Devilskins delivers one of the most missplaced and noisy guitarparts i have ever heard on any song in the start of Simone de Locarno. Painfull and bad. I am blushing.

onsdag 21 september 2011

Templars - The horns of Hattin CD (2001)

01. Intro
02. Video age
03. Heroin street
04. Shift the blame
05. Nowhere to play
06. Consequences
07. Enemies
08. Breakdown
09. Lies
10. Demagogue
11. Ockhams razor
12. Backstreet kids (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by GMM Records on CD in 2001.

History facts for underground nerds:
The horns of Hattin are two vulcanos overlooking the village of Hittin in Israel. It is said that it was here that the templars fought and lost their major battle against the muslim forces occupying the region.

The tracklisting on the back of the CD says its only 10 songs but i have cut and devided the first song into an intro and the song and also the last song that had the "hidden" Skrewdriver song after 24 minutes of silence following the song Ockhams razor (why even do that?).
If i didnt have this record on cd i would have thought that i had picked the wrong RPM when playing it. Templars seem way slower than on earlier releases. This is not a bad thing though but on songs like Ockhams razor Carl sounds so pitched down that i even searched for a pitch funtion on my CD player.

Some really great songs can be found here in the rac'n'roll smelling track Breakdown, the lyricly intresting Demagogue (does anyone know who this song is dedicated to) and also one of the few uptempo songs on the record Enemies.

It's also nice to hear an excellent cover of Backstreet kids.
Cant find it in any distros but available at ebay.

tisdag 20 september 2011

Templars & P38 - Marseille meets New york 7'' (2000)

01. P38 - Skinhead revolte
02. Templars - Somehow

Released by Disagree Records in 2000.

A split done with the higly underrated P38 that has Remi on vocals (used to sing in the classic and highly highly underrated Oi! band R.A.S.). Always been a sucker for his rough vocal delivery and even if P38 ended up more of an Oi!sounding streetpunk band (or the other way around) it was still a great band. (uploaded some of this band material here)

Templars choice of split partners isnt that strange since i know they are big fans of R.A.S. (even did a song for their tribute album i think). Templars song Somehow has a nice early Skrewdriver sound to it but ofcourse with a familuar templars-twist to the guitar section.
Sold out.

måndag 19 september 2011

Templars - Biaus seignors freres CD (2000)

01. East side boys - The oi! years (West side boys cover)
02. East side boys - L'Unite
03. TNT - Laboro (Nabat cover)
04. Sons of acre - Cries of yesterday
05. Templars - Just another rebel
06. Templars - Unemployed again
07. Templars - Hopeless
08. Templars - The only way out
09. Templars - Terror tactics

Released by TKO Rekords in 2000 as a 10'' vinyl and CD.

A cd with various Templars sideprojects and the songs that Templars had on the Oi! this is dynamite compilation as a B-side.

Starting of is their projects with Riton from West side boys. Carl sings on the first song and the second song has Riton doing the vocals. The first is a great song first recorded by West side boys and sung in Frensh but unlike most other times this cover is actually better than the original song (probably because i finally understand the lyrics).

Second band is TNT that had Carl and Phil teaming up with Ivano from Italian Devilskins (also used to play in Asociale i think). Also this one is a cover but a quite lame cover when compared to the raw and brutal sound that the original had.

Third sideproject is Sons of acre that consisted of Carl and Phil and Aaron Trumbo on bass (Plays for Las Vegas band Yesterdays heroes). A great song that sounds quite templarish.

The compilation Oi! this is dynamite was released back in 1994 so expect some fast early templars sound on the last songs. All good but Just another rebel takes the price here. Damn thats a good song.
Can be bought from AL-Outlet for 22$ otherwise try Ebay.

Templars - Milites templi 7'' (2000)

01. Violence
02. Carry on

Released by TKO Records in 2000.

History facts for underground nerds:
Just like Omne datum optimum the Milites Templi was an order signed by the pope to give the templars free hands to further their cause. Milites templi is latin and means "Soldiers of the temple" and was a call to civilians to support the templars in any way they could. It was issued in 1144.

A superb EP displaying Templars ability to play both harder and softer songs.
The ep starts of with Violence that is a heavy battering-ram of violent soundwaves directed at the listeners ears. It might not have the most advanced lyrics but it does its job well.

On the b-side they slow down and bring the layed back song Carry on that is more on the ballad side of the Templars sound. First time i heard this song i thought it sounded more painfull than good but after the years went by i can easilly say this is one of my favourite songs by the band.
Super EP!
Pops up on Ebay from time to time but sold out from all distros i know of.

söndag 18 september 2011

Templars with Stomper 98 & Vortex - The I.S.P. Connection 10'' (2000)

01. From Göttingen to New York
02. Robert "Modeskin" (Vortex cover)
03. Real enemy (The business cover)
04. Bring back the skins (Judge Dread cover)
05. Arme armee (Die Lokalmatadore cover)
06. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)

Released by Cargo Music in 2000.

A selfproclaimed "All-star project" with Templars, Stomper 98 and some members from old Vortex. I am a big fan of the early German Rock-O-Rama years but Vortex is probably my least favourite band from that time, add to that that this socalled allstar team fills the 10'' with covers of such cliché songs as Bring back the skins, Violence in our minds and Real enemy.

It was missing from my collection so i bought it anyway some years ago in vintage. When i got it i first noticed that the former owner had missplaced the insert's so all i got was the vinyl and the cover. When i put it on i noticed that Carl didnt even sing on most of the songs and most of them where in German with sleazy saxophone in the background on every fucking track.
Out of all the releases by Templars this is the one you can still find for sale at most distros. Probably cause it isnt a Templars release. Buy some real good German sung classics by OHL, Böhse onkelz (early stuff), Endstufe or some of the great newbands such as Kampfzone but dont waste your cash on this garbage.

onsdag 14 september 2011

Templars & Gundog - Split 7'' (1999)

01. Gundog - Middle of nowhere
02. Templars - I dont need you

Released by New blood Records in 1999.

Never got my hands on the real deal but downloaded this from some guy at soulseek years ago. Cant remember who but whoever it was i think he just put together 2 cdsongs and "made it" into this EP. It all sounds to pollished to be comming from a vinyl.

Good split with one of my favourite late 90's UK bands. Even if their song on this split is far from my favourites by the band like Son of mine and Bouncer its still a decent track.
Sold out! But if you find it for a decent price let me know.

Templars & Stomper 98 - We stick together 7'' (1999)

01. Templars - FTW
02. Templars - N.Y.P.D.
03. Stomper 98 - Skinhead
04. Stomper 98 - Päderast (Combat 84 cover)

Released by DSS Records in 1999.

(Update 15 Sept 2011: Phil started playing drums for Stomper 98 in 2005.)

A split with Stomper 98 from Germany that Phil nowdays play drums for (though i dont belive he was a member at this time).
As much as i respect Stomper i have always had trouble enjoying punk or oi! that has trumphets or sax in the songs, something that Germans seem to be obsessed wth (Stage bottles etc.). Even so they deliver 2 ok songs with one being a German speaking cover of Combat 84's classic song Rapist. Nothing rememberable really.

Templars on the other hand deliver 2 great songs with FTW being the best. A pissed off anthem with good lyrics and a great bassline.
Sold out from all the distros i am aware off.

måndag 12 september 2011

Templars & Red alert - Super yobs showdown Vol.1 LP (1994)

01. Red alert - Bad man (Cockney Rejects cover)
02. Red alert - In the U.S.
03. Red alert - Riding the storm
04. Red alert - Crisis
05. Red alert - Tomorrow's girl
06. Red alert - The river Hudson
07. Templars - Police informer
08. Templars - Dead end politics
09. Templars - Skinheads...Alright!
10. Templars - Computerized work force
11. Templars - Aint got a clue
12. Templars - News of the night

Released by Vulture Rock Recordings in 1994.

Finally efter years of searching i finally have the record. Got it ripped and sent to me by Brian Guy in digital format and even if i have had all the songs from various other releases by the band it's nice to hear the real LP version of all the songs like they where recorded in the first place. Many thanks Bryan.

After Red Alert's reunion in the 90's they did a US tour and this was the result of their visit in the US.

Red alert brings the strongest side of the LP and starts of with a suberb cover of the old Cockney Rejects song (think CR's old drummer was in Red Alert at this point, correct me if im wrong).

Templar's side is far from bad but somehow they have put together most of my least favourite songs for this release with exception of Police informer (damn i love that song).

Nothing new under the sun but a great LP that i have been too stingy to purchase at the high prices collectors want for them.

söndag 11 september 2011

Templars & Wodnes Thegnas Split 7'' (1999)

01. Templars - No compromise
02. Wodnes Thegnas - Shield

Released by Haunted Town Records in 1999.

Wodnes Thegnas was just one of the many sideprojects by Carl from Templars. This one had him on guitar and vocals calling himself Wolfstooth and his little brother Scott on drums. Wodnes in old english means Odin and can be seen in the modern spelling of wednesday (here in Sweden it is called Onsdag and comes from "Odens dag" meaning "Odins day"). As you might figure from that the sideproject was supposed to be a vikingfocused sideproject but to me it just sounds like a Templars song with bad drums.
This wasnt Carls first vikingprojectt though. He had a band that he started after listening to Ultima Thule for the first time that was called Solstice but dont really know if he ever recorded anything.
For those who didnt know Carl can actually speak a bit of Swedish and both him and Phil are big nerds when it comes to Skandinavian folktales and history.

The record starts of with Templars delivering the best song on the split No compromise.
B-side has Wodnes Thegnas doing a song that has its lyrics taken from an old Anglo-saxon poem about the life of a Shield. To be honest it isnt any more intresting than it sounds. A bit of a letdown when i would have wanted some good old Swedish vikingrock played by Carl.
As far as i know it is sold out from all distros.

Templars - Omne datum optimum (1998)

01. You decide
02. Boredom
03. Guardian angel
04. Templars Intro
05. The templars
06. The waiting is over
07. They dont care
08. Cowards
09. Straight to hell
10. These four walls
11. Victim
12. My saving grace

Released on CD and LP by GMM Records in 1998.

History facts for underground nerds: "Omne datum optimum" is latin and can be translated "The perfect gift". The name comes from a papyrus that the pope signed. It stated that all spoils of war from muslim lands would go to the Order of Templars. The writing also gave the Templars other rights like the right to build their own churches and graveyards where only Templars was allowed to be burried.

A big leap from their older sound. First time i heard it i questioned their glamrock influences and some of the guitarparts (steals) on songs like Guardian angel but as years pass by i have come to love the sound featured here. Dont know if its me turning as grey as the eyebrows i pluck or if its maturing but i like the softer more ballad focused songs like My saving grace and the poprock influenced song Boredom.
Superb album.
Still for sale at Rebellion shop but sold out from most other distros.

onsdag 7 september 2011

Templars - Dans les catacombes LP (1997)

01. Police informer
02. Dead end politics
03. Skinheads alright
04. Computerized work force
05. Aunt gota clue
06. News of the night
07. The sixties are over
08. Doing the dirty
09. The templars
10. Subculture kid
11. Raving idiots
12. New breed (Iron Cross cover)
13. I believe in myself
14. World war III
15. My revenge
16. Teenage warning (Angelic Upstart cover)
17. Victim

Released on LP by Vulture Rock Recordings in 1997 and later re-issued on CD by the same label the year after (the version i uploaded here).

History facts for underground nerds: "Dans les catacombes" basicly means "In the catacombs". Probably a reference to the fact that these songs are old demos and recordings from 93-95 that the band picked out for the release.

A collection of songs from 1993-1995 that didnt make it onto releases or early versions of songs that made it. Probably my least favourite Templars release ever much thanks to the bad quality on most songs. Majority of the songs where later or earlier released in better quality.
It is still possible to find some real gems on here like the anti-techno song Raving idiots and the Iron cross cover.
LP can still be bought at Vulture rock.

måndag 5 september 2011

Wellington arms - Valencia DEMO (2011)

Interrupting the soon to be epic Templars discography for the latest demo from Wellington Arms.
Still an American band but now staitoned in Spain they have been working on a lot of new material that will be released on a 14-track full-length if all goes well. To give us a taste of what will be comming they jumped into the studio for 45 minutes to record these samples (low quality but according to the new housegod of oi! called Lars Fredriksen thats how it is done correctly).
Thanks to only a short time in the studio and their drummer moving back to New York it might take some time for a complete release with proper production values but i'll wait.

Both We're young and International lover are superb songs in that rockin Wellington arms way but knowing they are unmastered they feel more like a topless tease than the real deal. Have heard some other songs they have recorded in Valencia and can say with ease that a proper album will blow the socks of anyone sharing my taste in music.
Included the lyrics in the upload (by the way wonder who that Swedish girl mentioned in the first song is).

söndag 4 september 2011

Templars - Phase II CD (1997)

01. Intro
02. Pawns in their game
03. City traffic
04. Kids of today
05. You're free
06. Eastern Europe
07. Freedom has it's price
08. Their plan
09. Worth my while
10. Make your mark
11. I still remember
12. Waiting for the blood to flow
13. Push and shove
14. Dont do anything at all
15. Land of the free

Was originally supposed to be released by Dim Records after their 1994 full-length but because of political issues between the label and the government (it was ridiculous) it never got released. Anyway in 1997 the problems where over and the album was released on CD by Dims in europe and then tightly followed by an American LP release through Vulture Rock Records in 1998. Later on it was also re-issued by GMM on CD.

The original Dims release had a Templar knight on the cover, the Vulture LP had a comixcover drawn by the artist ALTEAU. The version i have uploaded is the more common release by GMM that has an image from the movie Tomb of the dead as a cover.

The song where recorded straight after their Return of Jacques De Molay record around 1994-1995 but the sound is not really that simulair. More guitar masturbation (which is actually a good thing when talking about Templars) and a bit more political ant antigovernment lyrics. Most songs on the record are great but sadly enough many of them sound the same so only a few really stand out. With that said its still miles ahead of most other Oi! being released today.
My own favourites on the record is the superb instrumental into, Pawns in their game, Waiting for the blood to flow and Dont do anything at all (where they to my happinnes once again denounce anyones idea about Templars being a religeous band). The track that stands out though is the song I still remember that has some of the best guitarplay on any Templar song and Carl softening up his otherwise quite rough voice.
Record can still be bought at:
Vulture Rock

Victory Records
Rebellion shop

Indie Merchstore

lördag 3 september 2011

Templars - 1118-1312 10'' (1998)

01. D.M.V.
02. Land of the morning calm
03. Skins & punks
04. The glory it once was
05. Shades of grey
06. Chanson de geste

Released as a 10'' by Do A Runner Records in 1998 in around 1000 copies. Later in 1998 also released on CD with 3 extra tracks added. The 3 extra tracks where recorded from a liveshow in 1997.

History facts for underground nerds: The albums title refers to the rise and fall of the templar order. The order was created by the veterans Hugues de Payens and his relative Godfrey de Saint-Omer in 1918 to protect the pilgrims traveling to the holy land.
Even if the order was hunted and arrsted in early 14th century it wasnt until 1312 that they where officially dissolved in writing.
The last track on the record called Chanson de geste is French for "songs of heroics deeds" and was popular around 11th century.

Another great release by the band and has one of Templars most talked about songs on it. The song is The glory it once was and is a nationalistic anthem against immigration and sending aid to foreign countrys. The track is (intentionally?) followed by the song Shades of grey about people branding and pointing fingers at "the enemy" with lyrics like "In a constant quest for simplicity/They're easy prey for demagoguery/Some things defy logic no matter what you say/Real life's not black and white but many shades of grey". The song deliver a sober and for me likeminded view on politics that should be shared by more bands today.
Less political fractions and MORE fencewalking please. Putting a badge on the bomber dont make you tough if your friends all share your views.
One thumb up for a superb record and another one up for the fact that Templars still play Glory it once was at shows.

Lyrics for Night pf the seagulls by Templars

Arise from death, clutching sword in hand
From the shores of Portugal to terrorise the land
Punish the descendants of those who betrayed you
Where’s your Saviour now when our swords run you through
God and Jesus ain’t the issue anymore
Its’ for these men to settle the score
No mercy shown to men, women and kids
For they were killed for things they never did

Night of the Seagulls – back from the dead to exact vengeance
Night of the Seagulls – those who betrayed them are put to the sword
Night of the Seagulls – even when blind their fury drives on
Night of the Seagulls – stand in their way and you’ll join them in hell

The spirit of de Payens lives in their hearts
De Molays death gave them a start
You wanna know how many will be dead
Just look at the beach and count all the heads
Back to the sea before the crack of dawn
Till the time’s right for this hell-spawn
Then it’ll be time for you to run again
Unless you think you can stop these undead

Night of the Seagulls – back from the dead to exact vengeance
Night of the Seagulls – those who betrayed them are put to the sword
Night of the Seagulls – even when blind their fury drives on
Night of the Seagulls – stand in their way and you’ll join them in hell

Night of the Seagulls – back from the dead to exact vengeance
Night of the Seagulls – those who betrayed them are put to the sword
Night of the Seagulls – even when blind their fury drives on
Night of the Seagulls – stand in their way and you’ll join them in hell

When you see the seagulls on the beach
Make sure you’re out of the Templars’s reach
They despise those who still have life
You’ll be trampled by horse or gutted by knife

fredag 2 september 2011


Just recieved the latest newsletter from Pure impact (those who dont get it go i and subscribe here) and was pleased to see some of the news.

¤Bootboys are getting back together after 20 something years of silence. The new lineup is 100% original with the exception of a new drummer.

¤Raul and George from Steel toe solution are re-uniting under a new bandname (and a less PC attitude). They now go under the name Hatin' 'em and has teamed up with Dave from Turnpike wrecks and Les who used to play in Heidnick Stew.

Templars - La noche de los gabiotas 7'' (1997)

01. Just like them
02. Night of the seagulls

Released by Headache Records in 1997. First in red, white and plain black wax but later re issued in a less limited yellow wax.

(Got this record from Jukebox for the unstable some years ago so dont go thanking me.)

History facts for underground nerds: La noche de los gabiotas is Night of the seagulls in Spanish. The name is taken from an old 1975 horrorflick that was written by Amando de Ossioro. It was just one in a long serie of movies that Amando did with the "dead templars seeking revenge" theme. The best one in the serie (and the one you should watch) is La noche del terror ciego "aka Tombs of the blind dead" from 1971.
Note that the templars in these movies drank human blood and sacrificed people to the devil in search for a life after death. I wasnt around so i shouldnt speak but i dont think this is how it went down.

A solid release with my alltime favourite Templars song on it, namely Night of the seagulls. If you manage to plow through the cheesy and sometimes painfully dated movies by Amondo de Ossiorio and read up on some of the truths surrounding the old order the lyrics are easier to understand. Even if you dont give a crap about the lyrics you still have a great song to listen to here. Great backup singing and and a great rhythmic section. The song was later released on the Reconquista CD in 2002.

The a-side features the skinhead anthem Just like them. A great song with Carl singing his tonsils out when delivering positive and peaceful lyrics like "Shaven heads, tattooed arms, they say that we don't belong/Fuck their views, fuck their laws. Destroy, fucking destroy - oh yeah"
Sold out from everywhere.

torsdag 1 september 2011

Templars & Lower class brats - Split 7'' (1997)

01. Templars - Modern day ripper
02. Lower class brats - We cant' be beaten

Released by TKO Records in 1997 on orange/black vinyl and also a limited number on picture disc.

My guess is both bands obsession with the movie Clockwork Orange and the culture that surrounds it was the reason for the split (me myself have always been more of a Blade Runner kind of guy though). Templars deliver as usual and even if Lower class brats play a kind of music that i dont usually like i have always had some respect for the band.
A band that looks like they just crawled out of a clothingbin at your closest Red Cross and play streetpunk (and actually call it that themselfs) can easily be overlooked by tough and badass Oi!heads like myself. Though i must say they have some quite good songs and the one on the split being one of them (cowbells cant go wrong). Its not as if i have collected every EP the band has ever done but i will feature the band sooner or later on the site (probably later than sooner though).