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torsdag 22 september 2011

Templars - The French connection 7'' (2004)

01. Dawn's early light
02. Anis par le din (Komintern Sect cover)

Released by Bords de seine in 2004 and re-issued in 2005 limited to 500 copies both times.

Templars start the EP by charming my patriotic heart with a ballad about the cold winternights of Sweden. To bad there was no lyrics with the EP. This song was re-released on their Outremer album but also there the lyrics to this song was missing (i own the picture LP and maybe it was on the cd version i dont know). If anyone has the lyrics to it then please contact me.

Second song is a cover and a great one at that. Carl does not sing on this one other than in the chorus. It doesnt sound like Chet singing so probably its KS singer (dont have a clue since i never liked that band and im not familuar with how he sounds).
Anyway both songs are superb in all departments!
To my knowledge its all sold out.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I have the cd version of Outremer and I can't seem to find Dawn's early light on it at all. It's a good song tough.

    / Anders

  2. Tack som fann för allt templars. Skönt med en annan kille som är dedikerad till nått så skumt som amerikansk skinhead musik.


  3. Anders: Holy crap just noticed that not even my LP has the song haha. Though the version i have ripped on my computer has 3 extra tracks with that song being one of them. DOnt know what rip of what release this is though? Probably someone who just added the songs.

  4. The album was leaked to soulseek before its official release, probably from someone who had a CD-R in advance with some extra songs, including "For a while" which is actually a Stamford Bridge song

  5. "Anis par le din"??? LOL the K Sect original track is "Unis par le vin"

  6. yes, it's '' unis par le vin '' = united by wine