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söndag 27 april 2014

Mountain man

Will be going away to the sunny mountains of Frigiliana come Thuesday. Feasting on goats, drinking cervezas and terrorizing the locals will be the main event so no uploads for a while. Will upload some Spanish tunes on Fuck Yeah 'til then though.
So long suckers.

tisdag 22 april 2014

National pride worldwide Vol.2 - The spirit of St George CD (2014)

The most epic album serie gets even more epic as Bernando Says!!! (me) delivers the second installment of National Pride World Wide to the shores of the saxons. Brutalising and forcing patriotic passion down the throats of the weak and unaware. This could very well be the most free, illegal and patriotic bootleg that has ever been produced.
Happy St George's day!!

Resistance 77 - The spirit of St George (drunken madness)

tisdag 15 april 2014

Roadside Bombs - Bring 'em home 7'' (2011)

01. Bring 'em home
02. Tax revolution
03. My side
04. One two

Released by Chapter Eleven in 2011.

Band from California made up of members from various punk/streetpunk bands like The Randumbs, Bodies and The Feelers. I also think a member of the band is behind the labels Chapter 11 and Corpitus which stood for the release and distrobution of this album and a label i have had issues with since the day they popped their heads out of whatever stinking hole they might have hidden before (but more on this as i do Randumbs discography in the future).

The smell of pink bubblegum is strong in this band as most of their counterparts from the westcoast. It's catchy streetpunk made by shaved punks and might not suit the overall genrespecific site that i run but i sort of like the band so i'll add them nevertheless.

Just like other softer punkbands they rise above when they deliver great choruses and with a competent singer they actually rise above even in the verses. First of is the titletrack and the best song on the album Bring 'Em Home. A song about bringing the troops home from foreign wars which might seem like a dreamy liberal confucion in itself since the few i know  in active duty of US Military do it by their own free will and see it as a job. I dont think this is the case though and since the song is fucking awesome i dont really care even if it is. Rest of the album is far from as good but My Side stands out for the same reasons i love Bring 'Em Home, namely the singer holds his ground and its just to catchy to ignore.
Pop punk or not, this is one great EP.

Bring 'em home

lördag 12 april 2014

The Outsiders - From liberty to death CD (2010)

01. Don't tread on me
02. What ever happened to the boys
03. Veterans day
04. The wanderer (Dion cover)
05. Better life
06. The crisis
07. Somewhere
08. Do you believe
09. Frankie
10. Constitutionalist
11. Runaround Sue (Dion cover)
12. Freedom
13. Hot rod crazy
14. A number without a name
15. Time and again
16. Wonder years
17. Greasers
18. Somewhere (Split 7'' version)
19. Best things are free
20. Outsiders
21. Merry Christmas
22. Frankie (Split 7'' version)
23. American dream

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Another great discography record released by WCR in 2010. This record just like Squiggys is easy to defend since the original songs are next to impossible to buy these days. I own their 7'' and have their split 7'' in digital form and that sort of sums up their discography. All other songs are taken from longforgotten demos and various compilations, it was about time someone collected them all on one record.

Outsiders sum up most things i love with flagwaving and patriotism with their songs about the constitution and respect for generations that came before all done with a lot of love and very little hate. They might sound like a slower version of Squiggy but listening to their discography as a whole i must say that a slight resemblance to Degeneration comes to mind. I guess Outsiders was a big influence on that band, dots i havnt connected until now.

Most songs deal with working class life, the nation and those who fought and died for it. Another side of Outsiders is their fanatism for Dion and The Belmonts. A fandom i can shamefully admit that i share with them and even if it was a long time ago i pulled the old records out both The Belmonts and Del Shannon has honored places in my crates. I love how these versions of old Italy-American boybands can get past so many hard Oi!heads without notice. The genres are so far inbetween but still blend perfectly together. My dream is to one day hear an Oi!version of Totos "Rain down in Africa". One day......

The original

måndag 7 april 2014

White Flag Down - Malcontent killing machine CD (2010) +introduction

01. Malcontent killing machine
02. We turn our backs
03. Losing card
04. Easy is her name
05. Hollywood hell
06. LA was built for me

Released by Safety Pin in 2010.

A young band LA band with old members is probably the best way to describe this band. The band itself has only been around since late 00's but their frontman Sean "Coop" Cooper is somewhat of an embodiement of punkrock and has become just as known for his music these last years as he used to be known for his numerous facial tattoos and lack of teeths in his mouth. Other than Coop on vocals the band consists of Jason Dissent on guitar, Ian Down on bass and Ryan Cox on drums.

As grim as Coop might look this band is far from grim and comes in on more of a Clockwork Orange streetpunk level but more clean shaved and "Oi!-ish" than the Lower Class Brats (though just as good. This album was the bands first release and has since released an LP and a 7'' that i will upload in 2016 according to my 3-year rule. Coop also banded together with Cliff Warby (Condemned 84) last year in a new band they call Para Elite.
The opening track features an intro from Clockwork Orange. This might seem as original as a band doing a cover of Skinhead Girl but it's actually to good to be shitted on. Losing card goeas way to Rancid for my taste but can easily be ignored as soon as i hear their song Hollywood Hell. Hollywood Hell is just a damn near perfect punksong but since i have a fetish for piano in punk i cant pass the thought of how awesome it woul be with an uptempo piano in the background, or at least a midi-piano or a sample of a piano or whatever as long as it recembles a piano. Few share my fetish for piano in punk but if you do you know what i'm talking about.

As little as i like American streetpunk and as unoriginal as i think Clockwork Orange bands are it's still a damn good release from a proper good Westcoast band. And who knows maybe one day we can hear a re-recording of Hollywood Hell with piano in it?

Hollywood Hell (live in 2012)

söndag 6 april 2014

Violent knights - Demo CD (2011)

Thanks to Jesse H for sending it.

Iowa's Oi! bands are few and far between and this is Des Moines only one if i got everything right. They got together in early 2010 and are still around today (i think). Band has tight connections with the bands Victory and 99 bottles with whom they have done numerous gigs with.

A wierd little band to say the least and i can't really get my head around to any names i can drop in a "sound like" fashion. The singer is fucking pissed and screams like a nutter all songs through. This makes for an interesting experience but at the saame time a little bit to noizy for my taste. I don't know what to say about them. They aint bad but they sure as hell aint good. I'd say give them a proper recording studio and one or two more years of experience. Give Des Moines a chance.

Performing another song live

torsdag 3 april 2014

The allied - Introduction and songs

Viewed by many as Americas first proper Oi! band. Formed in Detroit around 1981 by Rob Michaels on vocals, Pete Zelewski (bassplayer in Negative Approach) on guitar, Doug Basha on bass and Bud Burcar on drums. They mixed the current "skinheadsound" from bands like Iron Cross with English punk and Oi!, something that was quite daring in the HC-frenzy that was sweaping across the states. With some line-up changes and a ton of bigger shows thanks to the fact that Pete played in the band they continued until their breakup in early 1983. Nothing really became of the band and the 6 songs that they recorded where never released other than these 4 songs that where featured on the "I Estimated Your Worth Today" compilation released in late 1982.
01. Cover up's
02. Into the 80's
03. Leave my life alone
04. Hidden violence

This will not be one of those moments where i go on about how sad it was that a band "never happened". Because to be quite honest this is garbage music from the scrapheap of mediocre sounds. A singer without a voice and a band that seems conflicted about what the hell they are doing. On top of this the soundquality leaves much to be asked for and out of the 4 songs only one is even remotely listenable (Leave my life alone). They might have been the first one but i know i'd rather wait 2 years and give Killroy the crown of "First proper Oi!band"

onsdag 2 april 2014

Squiggy - All seven inches CD (2010)

01. Journalistic truth (Journalist)
02. Jack
03. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper cover)
04. Your attitude
05. My way
06. Double standards
07. This land is your land
08. Stand up
09. Middle Class Rebellion
10. Johnny
11. Block by block
12. Born again
13. Pull the trigger
14. Score one
15. Whats goin' on
16. Hang the lawyers
17. Corporate
18. Jack
19. Dead end kids
20. Anti-Establishment
21. Boots and braces,studs and leather
22. Go home
23. What are you fighting for
24. Jack
25. Score one
26. Squatter punk
27. Just another punk band
28. Whats goin' on
29. Corporate
30. Hippy hatin band

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Out of all the bands releasing greatest hits this is probably the one that is easiest to defend. Black on white like this one sees what a tremendously awesome band Squiggy was and the fact that all of their old EP's where impossible to get your hands on at the time of this release makes it one hell of a release. For 9 dollars you can download all the albums that some of us ran around the globe in search for, it might be digital but with no other choice this is one hell of an alternative.

I have reviewed all of the EP's back in 2009 so wont go into detail more than recollect how awesome the songs Block by block, Your attitude and Pull the trigger are and how distinct their sound was. Cant think of a single band today that sounds like them except for maybe Major Dissapointment.
The album contains one "brand new" previously unreleased song (Hippy hatin band) and some livesongs from CBGB's but none of them are really that interesting when compared to the good old songs.

Good collection and if you like it you should support.
or support them by downloading from

Block by block

tisdag 1 april 2014

Marching on - March to kill 7'' (2004)

01. Politically incorrect
02. Some days
03. Roasting mongrol babies over a pagan fire while dancing naked under a pale Westchester moon

Released by Hang 'em high Records in 2004.

When The Unruly disbanded in 1988 the band branched out into two new projects both a bit to rightwinged even for Oi!. Brian Dana started the nazi-band Kick To Kill and Dave, Owen and Scott went on to form the band Marching On. Kick to kill is as extreme as any band might become and when not knitting swastika banners they record songs about hanging black folks and gasing jews. Most of those bands are all on a shockvalue level but Kick to kill has always sounded a bit to sincere for me to enjoy them let alone upload them on a site that i try to keep as far away from extremism both left and right (something that seems hard to do when making a discography page about skinhead music). For this reason i wont feature Kick to kill on the site. Not out of "PC" but because i simply dont enjoy hannging black folks nore do i enjoy listening to songs about it.

Marching On stated their change in their bandname and on their first album in the song Attitude Now with the lyrics "It's not enough for me with patriotism/Now the attitude is nationalism". They keep up that attitude on this release as well and though they try hard to shock it sounds like a later release by The unruly, which is good since i just loved that band.

First song is the best and even though its about their "march on" towards more recht thinkings i can respect it for what it is and what it represents. And lyrics like "You're always preaching unity for the entire human race/But then you go and tell the world that i'm a disgrace/If they where in my shoes they would feel the same" doesnt only sum up why i count myself as a true liberal and respect all views but it also takes up an interesting point in how peoples thoughts are formed. I havnt been in Dave's shoes and cant judge the guy because of it. This might all sound a bit to bookclub and psuedointellectual for most of my readers but its just how i feel about this band and "politically incorrectness/correctness" in general.

Last song lightens the whole debate about politics since its an instumental for pagan bloodrituals (dear lord.
Fans of The Unruly and the Vulture era of Oi! should download it and give it a try no matter what douches they might be sharing a split with.
7/10 (for Marching Ons side)

The Unruly - National pride (for good old times)