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tisdag 15 april 2014

Roadside Bombs - Bring 'em home 7'' (2011)

01. Bring 'em home
02. Tax revolution
03. My side
04. One two

Released by Chapter Eleven in 2011.

Band from California made up of members from various punk/streetpunk bands like The Randumbs, Bodies and The Feelers. I also think a member of the band is behind the labels Chapter 11 and Corpitus which stood for the release and distrobution of this album and a label i have had issues with since the day they popped their heads out of whatever stinking hole they might have hidden before (but more on this as i do Randumbs discography in the future).

The smell of pink bubblegum is strong in this band as most of their counterparts from the westcoast. It's catchy streetpunk made by shaved punks and might not suit the overall genrespecific site that i run but i sort of like the band so i'll add them nevertheless.

Just like other softer punkbands they rise above when they deliver great choruses and with a competent singer they actually rise above even in the verses. First of is the titletrack and the best song on the album Bring 'Em Home. A song about bringing the troops home from foreign wars which might seem like a dreamy liberal confucion in itself since the few i know  in active duty of US Military do it by their own free will and see it as a job. I dont think this is the case though and since the song is fucking awesome i dont really care even if it is. Rest of the album is far from as good but My Side stands out for the same reasons i love Bring 'Em Home, namely the singer holds his ground and its just to catchy to ignore.
Pop punk or not, this is one great EP.

Bring 'em home

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