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onsdag 2 april 2014

Squiggy - All seven inches CD (2010)

01. Journalistic truth (Journalist)
02. Jack
03. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper cover)
04. Your attitude
05. My way
06. Double standards
07. This land is your land
08. Stand up
09. Middle Class Rebellion
10. Johnny
11. Block by block
12. Born again
13. Pull the trigger
14. Score one
15. Whats goin' on
16. Hang the lawyers
17. Corporate
18. Jack
19. Dead end kids
20. Anti-Establishment
21. Boots and braces,studs and leather
22. Go home
23. What are you fighting for
24. Jack
25. Score one
26. Squatter punk
27. Just another punk band
28. Whats goin' on
29. Corporate
30. Hippy hatin band

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Out of all the bands releasing greatest hits this is probably the one that is easiest to defend. Black on white like this one sees what a tremendously awesome band Squiggy was and the fact that all of their old EP's where impossible to get your hands on at the time of this release makes it one hell of a release. For 9 dollars you can download all the albums that some of us ran around the globe in search for, it might be digital but with no other choice this is one hell of an alternative.

I have reviewed all of the EP's back in 2009 so wont go into detail more than recollect how awesome the songs Block by block, Your attitude and Pull the trigger are and how distinct their sound was. Cant think of a single band today that sounds like them except for maybe Major Dissapointment.
The album contains one "brand new" previously unreleased song (Hippy hatin band) and some livesongs from CBGB's but none of them are really that interesting when compared to the good old songs.

Good collection and if you like it you should support.
or support them by downloading from

Block by block

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