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lördag 12 april 2014

The Outsiders - From liberty to death CD (2010)

01. Don't tread on me
02. What ever happened to the boys
03. Veterans day
04. The wanderer (Dion cover)
05. Better life
06. The crisis
07. Somewhere
08. Do you believe
09. Frankie
10. Constitutionalist
11. Runaround Sue (Dion cover)
12. Freedom
13. Hot rod crazy
14. A number without a name
15. Time and again
16. Wonder years
17. Greasers
18. Somewhere (Split 7'' version)
19. Best things are free
20. Outsiders
21. Merry Christmas
22. Frankie (Split 7'' version)
23. American dream

Released by Working Class Records in 2010.

Another great discography record released by WCR in 2010. This record just like Squiggys is easy to defend since the original songs are next to impossible to buy these days. I own their 7'' and have their split 7'' in digital form and that sort of sums up their discography. All other songs are taken from longforgotten demos and various compilations, it was about time someone collected them all on one record.

Outsiders sum up most things i love with flagwaving and patriotism with their songs about the constitution and respect for generations that came before all done with a lot of love and very little hate. They might sound like a slower version of Squiggy but listening to their discography as a whole i must say that a slight resemblance to Degeneration comes to mind. I guess Outsiders was a big influence on that band, dots i havnt connected until now.

Most songs deal with working class life, the nation and those who fought and died for it. Another side of Outsiders is their fanatism for Dion and The Belmonts. A fandom i can shamefully admit that i share with them and even if it was a long time ago i pulled the old records out both The Belmonts and Del Shannon has honored places in my crates. I love how these versions of old Italy-American boybands can get past so many hard Oi!heads without notice. The genres are so far inbetween but still blend perfectly together. My dream is to one day hear an Oi!version of Totos "Rain down in Africa". One day......

The original

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