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fredag 24 januari 2014

Klase Dirigente - 100% Poder Latino Oi! 7'' (2009)

01. Fuerza Nacional
02. Jovenes Skinheads
03. Homicidio En Primer Grado
04. Viejo Amigo

Released by Shout Proud Records in 2009.

Update 29th Januari: Some corrections to the bandinfo that a member posted (sorry for not posting it sooner, been busy:) " Klase Dirigente was stablished in 1997 by Wilson A and Nestor R. Both members and founders of what is known today as Batallon 49. Wilson was and still is the vocals and Nestor was in charge of drums, bass and guitar. We started as a band for b49 members only ( studio band ). We published 100% poder latino and stop playing for 10 years.

In 2010 we decided to give it another try so we got together with two other members of Batallon 49. They are our newest and younger members. Niko L (drums) and Agustin M. (Bass). Both from Uruguay. Niko and Agustin had their own band back In the days and currently playing in other bands like venganza tatuada! That is the new line up. Minatta took the bass and Nestor went to play guitars and write lyrics.
There was never a William Minatta on our band and also we are not affiliated with the 211 crew in any way.
Another thing!! The album "marcando la historia" is a new one! With new songs and old unedited songs.
We also have a new album coming up soon on "this mean war records" which is basically a re-make of the 100% poder Latino album. But this time is gonna be called "jovenes de las calles". It has a fresher and stronger sound.
But that's not all...We are currently working on a new album which hopefully will come out by the end of 2014 summer!!
Again! Thanx for the great review and we hope this has been helpful for your blog! Cheers! La Klase Dirigente!"

A band made up of members from both America and the Dominican Republic but since the band later transformed into an "all American" band i will add them to the site anyway.

Band started in the late 90's with Nestor on guitar and bass, Wilson on vocals and William Minatta on drums. Known affiliates and some claim founding members of skincrew Batallon 49 (hell if i know i live in Sweden) and just like most other bands involved or surrounding this South/North American crew very few records and demo's was released but instead they played with and for most of their members giving little notice to the scene on the outside. In 2003 came the end of the band in a physical form when both Wilson and Nestor left the band (and the crew). William Minatta went on to form Combate 49 and  Venganza Tatuada.

Dead or not (are they back together?) they have graced us all with songs on the fantastic 2012 comp "Werewolves of the city" and got their first full-length just weeks ago when WAR Records decided to release their discography LP called "Marcando La Historia" (excellent by the way).

I often have a hard time enjoying latino Oi!bands since they seclude themselves by singing in a tongue i am far from familuar with (even if my nickname is Bernando) but this band doesnt only include a translation to their songs on this release but they are also such a tank of a band that they break down any speechbarriers in their way by pure force. One just have to take a listen to their first song "Fuerza National" that in a minimalistic (heavy bass, no guitar and snapping drums) way give the term brutal a whole new meaning. It's some of the hardest shit i have heard since i first heard Condemned 84's first demo and decided to cut my hair short. Those into the "new US Oi!" sound like Harrington Saints will probably get their bubblegum stuck in their throat when they listen to this. It's raw, nationalistic and violent to the core without becomming to much of a tough guy act, fucking perfect.

As todays 211 crews and the whole werevolf scene in Jersey and NY are really simulair to the old B49 attitude many bands such as Combate 49, Venganza Tatuada, Lonewolf NYC and The Wolverines have possibly all heard and taken some inspiration from this band. Don't know if they got back together last year or not but even so it only goes to show that even a dead wolf can bite harder than most barking dogs.

Fuerza National (live)

måndag 20 januari 2014

The Barons & The Incited - Songs from the Mason-Dixon CD (2011)

01. The barons - Flash mob
02. The barons - Dollar store
03. The barons - Comes around, goes around
04. The barons - Come on, honey
05. The barons - Kicked out of this bar before
06. The incited - Spirit of '76
07. The incited - The tradition (Anti-Heros cover)
08. The incited - Hooligans life
09. The incited - 29 let's go!
10. The incited - Raise you're glass
11. The incited - Stand alone
12. The incited - Armageddon

Released by Neck Records in 2011.

A Delaware split between the bluecollar rockers of The barons and the flagwaving youngsters of The Incited. Without being mean to any side it's sort of an experience.vs.youth compilation, something that easily can be heard as you listen through the album. The barons used to be one of my favourite bands and their "American beer drinking songs" record from 2008 is a record that keeps spinning in my recordplayer even in 2014.

Some years ago their vocalist Dusty left the band though. Dusty had the perfect vocals for the band, full of passion and desperation. All that is gone now and no matter how good the rest of the band is their new vocalist just can't deliver the way Dusty delivered. Songs like Come on Honey are still good songs much thanks to Kurt, Ed and the rest of the band but on songs like "Kicked out of this bar before" i just wanna turn the thing of. Where the hell did you guys find this redneck and where the hell is the piano?

The incited is a younger band and has a more distinct Oi!-sound both lyrically and musically. I wasnt all that impressed by their debut in 2008 but this time around they have taken a harder approach putting most of the streetpunk stuff behind. First song Spirit of 76 sets the theme right of the bat with it's lyrics about nation, constitution and pride. This is a theme that continues all the way through with it's highpoints on the WWII anthem "29 lets go" and the excellent "Stand alone".

Fans of Headwound, Loose Skrews and Niblick Henbane will probably love The Barons songs and with the Incited reminding me about early Crucial Change this sure as hell caters for me to. A good release with two great bands (even with that new singer).
Still available at:
Pure Impact

Incited - 29 let's go!

tisdag 14 januari 2014

Headwound - Anarchy in Midgetville (music video)

Lowbudget (or insert "workingclass") musicvideo from Headwound featuring their song Anarchy In Midgetville from the 2008 compilation Sounds Of Wierdness (which i'm still searching for by the way).

lördag 11 januari 2014

Templars & The Clichés - Split 7'' (2011)

01. The Clichés - Promises
02. The Clichés - We won't change
03. Templars - Posers
04. Templars - It's all about you

Released by Randale Records in 2011.

Two small skips on the Templars side that i tried to avoid but they where just to deep. Don't blame me, blame Randale for their poor production value on the record. Other then that it's a decent rip if you ask me.

Two great bands that somehow deliver a halfarsed split way below their other stuff. One good song on both sides but somehow i was expecting more from this clash of titans. Well at least from the Clishés who in my oppinion are way to unknown commercial when considering the amount of superb songs they have pushed out. Templers just keep on falling in my eyes and i have gone from being a hardcore fanatic to not even getting my arse out of the house when they play a show in Sweden these days. Don't know if it's the band just growing old (or me) or if it's the realisation that all their songs basically sound the same and they aint really saying shit anymore. Some grow old and bold while others just turn old i guess. At least i have their old records to enjoy.
The record is still available at:
Noise Of Sweden
Runnin Riot

torsdag 9 januari 2014

Sydney Ducks - Stray Ducks 7'' (2011)

01. Stray Dogs
02. He lives for today

Selfreleased by the band in 2011 under their own label called Sydney Town.

One of 2011's best releases and one of the reasons i want this band to be the "opening drug" for future Oi!-addicts. Why? Because it's so bloody easylistening it almost makes me sick and happy at the same time. They know what they do and i can really see this band opening the door to many who didnt know Oi! existed before. I mean it's not Oi! in the old fashion but to outsiders it sure looks all "skinhead" and "dangerous". They do all this without any judgemental attitudes towards anyone either political, oldshool or freshcut. I hope this is the band that brings in the new crowd and not the baseballbat bubblegum Oi! that those other casuals make.

Rant out.... The EP is next to perfect, atleast as perfect as a non-Oi! Oi! record can get when reviewing Oi! (it made sense in my head). Bringing my favourite track from their old demo "He lives for today" as a B-side and even tops it with the fantastic "Stray Dogs" on the A-side. With these rockin songs about growing old and walking your own path giving fuck all about the blind masses these boys have my money whenever they feel like releasing new stuff. Superb so keep them comming!

He lives for today
Record can still be bought at:

tisdag 7 januari 2014

Sydney Ducks - Esprit de corps 7'' (2011)

01. Esprit de corps
02. Jaoquin Murrieta

Released by Pirate Press in 2011.

Sydney Ducks second EP released in 2011 and my least favourite of the two. Even though least favourite it's far far from bad and like most of the stuff this band puts out it rocks the socks out of most other mods-crossover hybrid punk that seems to be so populair today. More Templars than Birds of Prey which can be nothing but positive if you ask me.
Can still be bought at:

söndag 5 januari 2014

How to download from Uluzto

If someone has any problems using this Russian (i think) site then here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

1. Once you click the DOWNLOAD button you will be taken directly to the site where Russian words (i think) will assault your western eyes and cause confucion.
What you wanna do here is click the yellow button called "Stáhnout" which i guess means download.

2. When doing so a pop-up will appear looking like this (pic below)
Ignore the box on the left and concentrate on the four-letter code in the middle. These codes are not case sensitive so don't use capslock or anything like that simply write in the four-letter code in the nlank box below and then press the "Stáhnout" button on the bottom.

3. This will make the box dissapear and instantly give you the file to either "un-zip" directly or download to your computer. There might be pop-ups for comercials if your not a member but simply ignore them or install a "add-blocker" on your computer.

Nobody should have any problems with this new file-sharing site. Who knows someday in the future if im unemployed, "self-employed" or simply sadisticly bored i might even throw up all the old uploads to.

lördag 4 januari 2014

Frontline Soldiers - Oath of Loyalty 7'' (2011)

01. American Boot Squad
02. World War 3
03. Warrior Rising
04. Oath of Loyalty
05. Frontline Soldiers

Released by United Riot Records in 2011.

A New York band that took up arms at the same time US Oi! was in a decline on the East. Brothers Joe Poppa & Mike Poppa (would later play in Offensive Weapon) decided to keep the spirit alive and together with Avi on bass (would later play in Skin Disorder) and Vic on drums they started Frontline Soldiers. The band was shortlived and only recorded a handful of songs which recieved no release in any way or form except a track called Reclaim Strength that was featured on a comp album around the same time the band broke up. Even though they never released anything they made a name for themselves and in 2010 URR got their hands on these 5 tracks.

A reminder of days gone by or an EP released to fill out a void created by modern days uninteresting bands not givign respect to the old ways? No matter what i can't do shit but love the release all the way from the red-white-blue cover, the in depth bandinformation written by Muma and the fantastic sound the black brick creates when put under a needle. The rip i made might not be the best one but it's free from skips and free from bumps.

The sound is a typical 90's Oi! sound mixed with hardcoreinfluences (typical of the 90's NY scene). The songs are patriotic, violent and non-pc like we all love. Even though Joe sometimes make the band sound a bit like early Patriot this is mainly for the fans of Oxblood and the East Coast sound in general. No garbage "spirit of 69" preachings just damn good street-oi! unpolished and raw, something we're not all that used to these days. Thanks for another intresting and superb release United Riot!

Record can still be bought at:
United Riot
Pure Impact

New filesharing system (happy new christmas and all that to)

Started using another uploading site called uluzto.net. Great Russsian (i think) site that works just like Mediafire before they got busted. Instead of paying 10 bucks a month i now pay about 7 bucks for a whopping 25GB of online storagespace to use as i see fit. Also no more fancy layouts that nobody underastands like on Rapidshare just plain and simple filesharing like it should be. Let me know how you like it and let me know if it works as soon as i have uploaded my first albums there.

Old files are featured on Soulseek so if you still havnt worked out how to use it my guess is you should figure it out instead of pestering me about re-uploads because they aint comming.