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måndag 20 januari 2014

The Barons & The Incited - Songs from the Mason-Dixon CD (2011)

01. The barons - Flash mob
02. The barons - Dollar store
03. The barons - Comes around, goes around
04. The barons - Come on, honey
05. The barons - Kicked out of this bar before
06. The incited - Spirit of '76
07. The incited - The tradition (Anti-Heros cover)
08. The incited - Hooligans life
09. The incited - 29 let's go!
10. The incited - Raise you're glass
11. The incited - Stand alone
12. The incited - Armageddon

Released by Neck Records in 2011.

A Delaware split between the bluecollar rockers of The barons and the flagwaving youngsters of The Incited. Without being mean to any side it's sort of an experience.vs.youth compilation, something that easily can be heard as you listen through the album. The barons used to be one of my favourite bands and their "American beer drinking songs" record from 2008 is a record that keeps spinning in my recordplayer even in 2014.

Some years ago their vocalist Dusty left the band though. Dusty had the perfect vocals for the band, full of passion and desperation. All that is gone now and no matter how good the rest of the band is their new vocalist just can't deliver the way Dusty delivered. Songs like Come on Honey are still good songs much thanks to Kurt, Ed and the rest of the band but on songs like "Kicked out of this bar before" i just wanna turn the thing of. Where the hell did you guys find this redneck and where the hell is the piano?

The incited is a younger band and has a more distinct Oi!-sound both lyrically and musically. I wasnt all that impressed by their debut in 2008 but this time around they have taken a harder approach putting most of the streetpunk stuff behind. First song Spirit of 76 sets the theme right of the bat with it's lyrics about nation, constitution and pride. This is a theme that continues all the way through with it's highpoints on the WWII anthem "29 lets go" and the excellent "Stand alone".

Fans of Headwound, Loose Skrews and Niblick Henbane will probably love The Barons songs and with the Incited reminding me about early Crucial Change this sure as hell caters for me to. A good release with two great bands (even with that new singer).
Still available at:
Pure Impact

Incited - 29 let's go!

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