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lördag 4 januari 2014

Frontline Soldiers - Oath of Loyalty 7'' (2011)

01. American Boot Squad
02. World War 3
03. Warrior Rising
04. Oath of Loyalty
05. Frontline Soldiers

Released by United Riot Records in 2011.

A New York band that took up arms at the same time US Oi! was in a decline on the East. Brothers Joe Poppa & Mike Poppa (would later play in Offensive Weapon) decided to keep the spirit alive and together with Avi on bass (would later play in Skin Disorder) and Vic on drums they started Frontline Soldiers. The band was shortlived and only recorded a handful of songs which recieved no release in any way or form except a track called Reclaim Strength that was featured on a comp album around the same time the band broke up. Even though they never released anything they made a name for themselves and in 2010 URR got their hands on these 5 tracks.

A reminder of days gone by or an EP released to fill out a void created by modern days uninteresting bands not givign respect to the old ways? No matter what i can't do shit but love the release all the way from the red-white-blue cover, the in depth bandinformation written by Muma and the fantastic sound the black brick creates when put under a needle. The rip i made might not be the best one but it's free from skips and free from bumps.

The sound is a typical 90's Oi! sound mixed with hardcoreinfluences (typical of the 90's NY scene). The songs are patriotic, violent and non-pc like we all love. Even though Joe sometimes make the band sound a bit like early Patriot this is mainly for the fans of Oxblood and the East Coast sound in general. No garbage "spirit of 69" preachings just damn good street-oi! unpolished and raw, something we're not all that used to these days. Thanks for another intresting and superb release United Riot!

Record can still be bought at:
United Riot
Pure Impact

3 kommentarer:

  1. GREAT release, by any means!!! Sad that this band was way too short lived... but THANKS for Offensive Weapon anyhow :D !!! And you're right: This is pretty much hard hitting Oi! like it's meant to be. I love this little black gem!!! (Btw: Also the 'post-hum'' release of the Strong Island Bootboys stuff on 7'' is just damn great!!!)
    Best Greetings from Germany /// (Manslaughter) Andy

    1. Both of them damn good United Riot releases.