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torsdag 9 januari 2014

Sydney Ducks - Stray Ducks 7'' (2011)

01. Stray Dogs
02. He lives for today

Selfreleased by the band in 2011 under their own label called Sydney Town.

One of 2011's best releases and one of the reasons i want this band to be the "opening drug" for future Oi!-addicts. Why? Because it's so bloody easylistening it almost makes me sick and happy at the same time. They know what they do and i can really see this band opening the door to many who didnt know Oi! existed before. I mean it's not Oi! in the old fashion but to outsiders it sure looks all "skinhead" and "dangerous". They do all this without any judgemental attitudes towards anyone either political, oldshool or freshcut. I hope this is the band that brings in the new crowd and not the baseballbat bubblegum Oi! that those other casuals make.

Rant out.... The EP is next to perfect, atleast as perfect as a non-Oi! Oi! record can get when reviewing Oi! (it made sense in my head). Bringing my favourite track from their old demo "He lives for today" as a B-side and even tops it with the fantastic "Stray Dogs" on the A-side. With these rockin songs about growing old and walking your own path giving fuck all about the blind masses these boys have my money whenever they feel like releasing new stuff. Superb so keep them comming!

He lives for today
Record can still be bought at:

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