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onsdag 30 juni 2010

The trouble - Nobody laughs anymore (1998)

01. We re the blood
02. Shadows on the streets
03. Burned up, washed out
04. This one's for you
05. You make me sick
06. Teenage terror
07. Come to grips
08. Grasping at straws
09. No regrets
10. Dead and gone
11. End of my rope
12. Saturday's kids
13. Reckless
14. Youth is wasted by the young
15. Insight

Released by GMM records in 1998.

The first and only full-length by the band containing their older songs and some new one's. The band had developed a bit and have now become a bit to "screamy" for my taste (Teenage terror for example) but some of the new songs are really good like the song Grasping at straws that really stands out among the rest.
Bottom line is that its a good record leaning more to the punkrock sound then your typical US Oi! sound. Most new songs are either to fastpaced or to punkrock and i would probably have liked the album a bit more if they could have landed somewhere inbetween. Anyway a good punk record standing way above most other.

måndag 28 juni 2010

The trouble & 30 seconds over Tokyo - A day in the suburbs 7'' (1997)

01. The trouble - We are the blood
02. The trouble - False front
03. 30 seconds over Tokyo - Do i have the right?
04. 30 seconds over Tokyo - Next generation

Released by Flat records in 1997.

(Updated 27 May: Uploaded the album again but for some reason i had deleted the 30 seconds over Tokyo tracks. The new link ONLY contains the songs by The trouble)

This album is a good showcase of good punk and bad punk. On one side whe have The trouble with 2 great tracks (False front being my alltime favourite track by the band) and on the other side we have 30 seconds over Tokyo ruining the whole experience. This album is missing a 30 seconds over Tokyo track but i dont think anyone into the same music as me will care.
False front is an exclusive track and can only be found on this release.

lördag 26 juni 2010

The trouble - Crime and Punishment 7'' (1997)


01. Shadows on the streets

02. This one's for you

03. No regrets

04. Saturday's kids

Released by GMM in 1997.

Great but not so longlived punkband from Boston that used to be called Saturday's kids but changed their name in 1996. The band consisted of Gibby Miller on vocals, Warren on bass, Sam Cave on guitar and Mike Hendrick on drums. They released a demo that lead to this first release on GMM. They released another 7'' together with 30 seconds over Tokyo and a fulllenght but finally in 1999 they did a last show in Boston and said goodbye for good. This band was doomed from the beginning because of lack of commitment like missing ooked gigs or showing up drunk without equipment (hey your only young once so what the hell). All members of the band continued to play in other bands after the breakup. Gibby formed the hardcore band Panic in 2001 but today he focuses on producing electro (WTF!?). Sam played in hardcorebands like The tonsils and The explosion before moving to Canada.

All the tracks on this EP was later released on their full-length but these are a bit different in lenght and quality so what the hell i will upload this one as well for you discography nerds out there. Its a bit harder than most other tracks on the full-lenght and two of the best tracks from that album are here namely Shadows on the streets and No regret. Great EP and as far as i know its sold out so you'll just have to stick with my upload.

(Update 7 December 2011: Updated the information. Check the comment section for more details.)


torsdag 24 juni 2010

Crucial change - American made (2007)

01. Combat 05
02. American made
03. Soldier
04. The kids
05. Proud, strong & free (Stars & stripes cover)
06. Rich kid justice
07. Out today
08. Trouble
09. Peace

Released by Dim records in 2007.

A hardhitting Oi! band from Seattle that is one of the leading groups in todays American classic Oi! revival. They play the music like it used to sound and has that same attitude towards politics and patriotism (that sound is what made me prefer US Oi! in the first place). The band was created sometime around 2004 by Tyler Busik on vocals and guitar, Ramone Alvine on bass and Tamon Fujimi on drums. They are in no way a "happpy" Oi! band singing about drinking and dancing but instead they include more serious subjects about workingclass life and the way they see it without getting to political about it. Comming out of a city more known for longhaired art-rockers then baldheaded patriotic skins they didnt have it easy. Majority of Seattle's skinheadscene is made up of politically correct skinheads that seems to know whats good for everybody else in the scene (thats basicly every scene in every country though) and adding the fact that Seattle is one of the few citys in America that is blessed with the lack of any major organized nazigroups to point fingers at Crucial change was handed the cross quickly. Today only Tyler is the original member in the band but their sound is the same (if not better) and i will follow this band as long as i have my blogg.

This album was first released through Dim's but also given away as a free gift with their 2009 album 33 also that one released through Dim's.
At first glance on this record one might think that its some ultra rightwinged nutter band with old European sun symbols and all but listening to them you will see that they have more pride then hate.
They start of the record strong with a Romper stomper inspired intro song called Combat 05 that is a bit stereotype about the skinhead that only is happy when in a fight (haha) but damn its tight. Second song is about patriotism and what its all about with lyrics like "Stand with the one's who made it great/Not the one's who rule by hate". Their cover of Proud, strong & free really took me by surprise since its one of my favourite songs and with all respect to Stars & stripes i must say that CC actually does it better. My absolute favourite song is Out today about bringing American troops home and focus on cleaning up their own national mess before looking oversees.
Basicly this album is for anyone that loved Anti-heros, Kicker boys and Arresting officers when they where around and together with bands like Vaticans, The pillage, Vanguard and Brassic this band represent what American Oi! used to be when it was great.
If you like this album then be sure to buy their latest album entitled 33 at some of these stores:

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Labor force - Riot in the streets Demo (2007)

01. Jimmy
02. Riot in the streets
03. Labor force
04. The enemy
05. Career opportunities

Selfreleased demo from 2007.

Released by the band as an internet EP but is basicly a demo featuring 3 old songs and 2 new ones. Jimmy from their old record is a good track but the best one on this demo is the new song Career opportunities. Its a lot slower then most other songs by the band and fits their vocalist better (it also has a very good chorus wich is this bands strong side).

lördag 19 juni 2010

Labor force - True to the blue (2006)

01. Another day
02. FNSE
03. Jimmy
04. Loyalty
05. The enemy
06. The union army
07. Passing the torch
08. The morning war
09. Labor force
10. Intolerable
11. The boys
12. American nightmare

Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

A socialist band from Cleveland, Ohio heavily influenced by Dropkick murphy's, Street dogs and the sort. The band was started by the singer Mikey "Pain" and the guitarist/skater Joshua "Jaws" Vardous that also runs the punkpin company called Factory kids buttons. They released this cd in 2006 and a demo the year after and have undergone some lineup changes but from what i know they are still active as a band today.

This band isnt only influenced by Dropkick they also try to imitate their sound without the skills to really pull it of (for me Dropkick is always a bad influence). I like most of their choruses and none of the members are awefull at what they do but on most tracks it sounds as the tempo of the songs are way ahead of the vocals and on tracks like The enemy and Loyalty the uptempo mumbling from Mickey becomes almost painfully akward to listen to. The band is great on the bit slower songs like American nightmare and the excellent aucoustic track Intolerable but somehow i always think of the weaker songs when thinking of this band.
This is the bands first release and i am happy to see any punk come out of Ohio (lived in Findlay, Ohio when i lived in US for some time) so i hope to see more of this band in the future.

fredag 18 juni 2010

Battle cry - To fight and die (2000)

01. Never give in
02. Strength in numbers
03. Struggle
04. Barley and hops
05. To fight and die
06. Red, white and blue
07. 25 years
08. Life long truth
09. Saturday night
10. No placeto go
11. Coat rack
12. Battle cry stomp
13. East side
14. This life
15. Boot party
16. We shall fight
17. Battle cry stomp II
18. To fight and die (demo version)
19. 19. Barley and hops (demo version)
20. Boot party (demo version)
21. Red, white and blue (demo version)
22. Oh, no, five-o
23. East side (demo version)
24. No place to go (compilation version)

Released by Pure impact in 2000.

A skinheadband from New york playing the typical slow and patriotic US Oi! from the 90's. They remind me a bit of a cross between Moonstomp and Boot Party in a way.
They formed in 1993 under the constitutional bandname We the people but soon changed it to Battle cry (i actually like the first bandname better since Battle cry sounds more like a band that sings about vikings and has badly drawn pictures of conan the barbarian as album covers).
Original members was Phil on vocals, Pete on guitar and Paul on drums. They didnt have a solid bassplayer in the band untill 1995 when Dave joined but before that they had celebreties like Phil of the Templars filling their slot on live sets. In 1995 they released their first record through Vulture rock and just a year later they released the 7'' called East side skinhead pride. Soon after this release Pete left the band and the group didnt appear untill 1997 with Dave on bass and a new drummer. This didnt last long though and the band split up for good in 1998.

This album is a collection of all their songs as an active group and like all discography albums its a lot of crap they could have left out. Both their real releases are great but why the hell did the have to put the demosongs in there. They sound like shit and since all except one track is featured in their later (better) versions i see no reason to even have them there. Though i guess i shouldnt complain since they are free.
If your into American Oi! i dont think you have missed this band but if you have be sure to download it because its a pure classic. My personal favourites are No place to go, Saturday night and the instrumental battle anthem Battle cry stomp II (daaamn i love that track).
If all songs would have been like the once from their first release then it would have become a 10 no doubt about it.

torsdag 17 juni 2010

2 new bands to keep an eye on.

Found out about this band called Shark-skin today and really like what i hear. Two-man bands often sound hollow but this shit is brutal
Check them out at their Myspace page for more songs.

Clicking away on their site you can also find the band Lions pride (not so original name since there was a band in the same city called Lions pride back in the days). Sounds good though so check them out at their page for some songs

onsdag 16 juni 2010

Fuck yeah!!!!

My brand new site is now up and i will work on it alongside this one. US of Oi! of Sweden is main priority and the other one is basicly just an outlet of the frustration i feel when i have all these great records laying around but they dont fit the focus of this site.
I wont do no reviews or any indept research on the other site just upload good old punkmusic and some soul, ska, rock, RAC basicly anything that is good music in my eyes. I will put my main focus on swedish punk from 70's and 80's but also American, British, African whjatever music.
Go and check it out and dont forget to add it to your favourites.

Bovver wonderland - Forgotten heros (2000)

01. Sober & miserable
02. Forgotten heros
03. Up yer bovver
04. Man you never knew
05. Cheers to beers
06. Forever free (The protest)
07. No regrets
08. Stark raving drunk
09. Weekend kids
10. O' my dier
11. Super yob
12. Drink on right on
13. Rich boy scum
14. Justice for all?

Released by Radio records in 2000.

First of all this album is not callled Yesterdas heroEs, its not from 2003 and no track number 6 is not a W.A.S.P. cover (hmphh some people).

This last record is probably their most famous one, released in a whooping 1,000 copies (much for being an underground skinhead band) but sadly also their worst in my oppinion.

Out of the 5 really good tracks only 2 are new tracks and the rest can be found on their 7'' released the year before. The album actually only contains 8 "visible tracks and the rest are "hidden" bonus songs (wonder what they where smoking when they came up with that idea).
The 2 good new tracks are O' my dier and the fastpaced Up yer bovver so basicly you can just download it and save yourself some money.
I noticed that Interpunk still had some copies of the record so if your taste is different from mine and you really think its worth buying then you can pick it up here (its only 6$).

tisdag 15 juni 2010

The glory east coast tour

The glory from Britain (though nowdays i think they can be viewed as an American based band) and The loose skrews are now doing their East coast tour. First stop is JB Mc Ginnes pub in Delaware and they share the stage with the Delaware band The keefs. Could be a great show.

måndag 14 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Piss off.. and die 7'' (1999)

01. Weekend kids
02. Super yob
03. Rich boy scum
04. Justice for all?

Released by Destroy all records in 1999.

This is one of those records that it took me years to find and when i finally imported it from a collector i realised i allready had all the songs that was featured on the album. Well having it as a collectors item isnt all bad and the fact that it has a missprinting on the vinyl might make it even more speciall. Track 1 and 4 are from their first release and the other tracks would be released on their last record in 2003.
Its a good collection of songs and the 2 old once are the best from that album. The 2new tracks hold the same value as the old once and especially the track Rich boy scum that might be a bit prejudice but a damn great song.

söndag 13 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Born to booze 10'' (1997)

01. Domestic violence
02. Sauced for life
03. Born to booze
04. Shaken not stirred
05. Pissed & proud
06. Anywhere but here
07. Drink on right on
08. Hard days, hard nights
09. Duff beer
10. One for the road
11. Born to booze (extended version)

Released by Scumfuck Mucke in 1997.

It might be only a 10'' but its content is way above most full releases by other bands. It was released by the disturbingly politically correct german label Scumfuck Mucke just a year after their first release. The soundquality is not topnotch and all songs are about drinking or passing out but its actually my favourite album by the band.
This record is the first where they are a 100% 3 piece band and John Hilario is now the leadsinger with Stan Corona taking over the vocals on 3 of the tracks.
They start of the album with an instrumental that is as brilliant as it is simple and after that they set the lyrical standard for the rest of the album with the beer-infested lyrics on Sauced for life "People say im shit for society/Dont they wish that they could drink like me/Living life every fucking day/Doing things my own fucking way/People try to tell me how to rock/But i just smile and sing a drunken song". This is basicly the lyrical content on every single song and even if the record might be a bit to slow and has its recording issues its a great "partyalbum". The album has its lowpoints like the song Duff beer that lacks any inspiration in any way but with superb songs like Hard days hard nights, Shaken not stirred and the extended version of Born to booze its hard not to love this album.
After reading complaints about megaupload having issues with viruses i have now switched to using mediafire.

fredag 11 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Self titled (1996)

01. Bovver wonderland
02. Sussed for life
03. Sorrow and the glory
04. Big mouth
05. Where did you go
06 Weekend kids
07. Cast the first stone
08. Oh my deir
09. Remember the streets
10. Justice for all?

Released by Vulture rock in 1996.

A band from Los Angeles that rised from the ruins of The choice and Last soldiers in 1994. This band has had many different vocalists through the years but the core trio of John Hilario on guitar, Stan Corona on bass and Lou Guzman on drums was in the band fom beginning to the end. Stan and John would together with members of Toughskins form the superb band Fully Loaded in the late 90's. They formed with the quest of making the first "boot boy glam band" but ended up as a pure and genuine Oi! band with influences of old 77' punk. This band is one of those that people that cant find the charm in old Oi! will never undertand (my girl hates this band by the way) and they have a sound that was never meant to go big or reach outside the "outcast" few that they made music for. Their first release was a 2 song digi ep that was offered for free with issue 6 of A way of life zine in 1995 but it didnt take untill the year after before they got their first propper record deal. It resulted in this record that was released by Vulture rock and was recieved with open arms in the glory days of US Oi!. They would release 2 more full-lengths and a 7'' (yes i will upload them all) but in the early 00' they all moved on to "bigger things" and all we can do is miss this misfit creation of pure Oi! breed through to much alcohol and old British 77' punk.

If you have no intrest in Oi! this is probaby not the band that will win you over and you will probably just hear blazing instruments with a guy rhytmicaly shanting about alcohol and being oppressed by all and everyone without leaving no room for any amazing guitarsolos or awesome chorus buildups but hey... thats just what it is. This is basicly just drunk punks and skins playing their hearts out on a record that another drunk punk hooked them up with at a less drunken and a bit more serious skinheads almost serious recordlabel. To me it sounds awesome but from my girlfriend and people that has to listen to it on or way to work you would hear another story.
Anyway enough ranting from my side and on with the review.
Unlike their second release that focus almost completely on the subject drinking alcohol this album actually has some serious lyrical content ranging from subjects like working life, shittalkers, crucified skinheads and the spirit of youth. These subjects are way cliché today but nothing annoying and lets keep in mind that they where written in the mid 90's. Best tracks on the album are Weekend kids, Justice for all?, Where did you go and my favorite Cast the first stone.
Even if the good tracks are far apart the really good ones make up for it. Dont miss out on downloading this one.
(I have gotten some complaints about Megaupload and i will change uploading site soon but for now i am sticking with it by pure habit.)

onsdag 9 juni 2010

Strongarm and the bullies - Demo (2007)

01. Sail away
02. More than a friend
03. White crosses

A demo that Jared the guitarist sent to me that i had totally missed. All tracks where recorded in 2007 but they are still of current intrest since they are recording and looking for a record deal as we speak and these songs will be on it (if it ever gets released that is).
A bit more rock 'n' roll sound from their earlier stuff even if their early songs all had a r'n'r feeling. Cant really say its Oi! anymore (seriously only 1% of todays Oi! bands actually sounds like Oi!) but as long as Erick blesses the band with his voice (its unique to say the least) they will always have a place on this site.

Sail away is probably the track that reminds most about their old sound but actually my least favourite on the demo (sometimes something just bugs me hehe). Both More than a friend and White crosses are excellent punkrock songs and i really like their matured sound.

If you have any place left on your label then get in contact with these guys and see to it that they expand their discography a bit.

måndag 7 juni 2010

Video for Dynamo by Roots of exile.

A "musicvideo" by Roots of exile celibrating their local football team Houston Dynamo's. (Damn nice to see some real sports in a nation that otherwise prefer 3 hour long confusing tactical debates called American football.)

Roots of exile - For our own (2008)

01. Roots of exile
02. Chosen destiny
03. Breaking news
04. Brick wall
05. For our own
06. Front towards enemy
07. Talk is cheap
08. American dreamer
09. Dynamo

Released by Chelsea records in 2008.

(Update 10 June 2011: Nikki is actually the one singing on the track American dreamer not Lara. Lara also had a falling out with the rest of the band and thats why she isnt a member still.)

A band from Texas that is more unknown then most other underground Oi! bands today (actually no one i have asked about them even knows they exist) and my guess is that they didnt have a burning heart promotional machine backing their release and like most other punkbands they have full-time jobs that makes it hard to promote your band outside of your local scene (in this case Houston). Anyway the band was started by wife and husband Nikki and Jimmy (both playing guitar but Nikki is credited as bass player in the record sleeve hmm). Other members are Greg, John and Lara (she would leave the band after the release and was replaced by Mike).
The band is close friends to Lower class brats and Krum bums but musicaly its more Oi! then both those bands. This is their only release but the and is still active today so i hope to se more albums added to their discography.

I had only heard 2 songs by the band and i really liked them so i started searchin hard to find anything with them and struck 0. No one had even heard of them and no stores had any albums by them but then i found txpunk that had some copies of this record so i thought what the hell and ordered myself a copy. The band has 2 vocals (Greg and Jimmy) with gives their sound some diversity and they also have a track on the album where their bassplayer Lara sings (damn great voice that little lady has). Some good songs on the album are American dreamer (the one with Lara), Front towards enemy, Chosen destiny and my favourite track Breaking news where both Jimmy and Greg share vocals and shows how good their second album might get (if anybody knows that the band exists that is).

You should really give this band a listen and if you like it support the band by buying their record at txpunk.

lördag 5 juni 2010

Urban riot - Public enemies (2005)

01. Brave words (bloody knuckles)
02. Danger mouse
03. Don't tread on me
04. Show no mercy
05. Giuliani
06. The taxman cometh
07. Shatterd glass
08. Burning squatters
09. Public enmies
10. Of mice and men
11. Divided we stand
12. Here to stay
13. Love it, or leave it

Released by Headache records in 2005 and then later re-releaed through Trailer park records.

Their last release and also their hardest one. Playing in a skinhead band around the NY area in '00 and not being influenced by the HC scene there is a hard thing and Urban riot turned more into Oicore on this record but still kept their original slow sound on many of their songs. Milo also gives it a harder tone then when Matt did the vocals and as we all know by now is that the whole "hard tough guy" sound doesnt always walk hand-in-hand with a good musical sound.
The songs that i like most are offcourse the ones that remind me of their earlier sound and even if this album mostly is a bit off a skinhead macho showoff it has many good songs that stand above many of the more known Oi! bands of the mid '00s era. Best one on the record is the song Public enemies that has a great Templars feeling to it with nice guitarplay dividing the choruses from the rest of the song. They also bring forth a new re-recorded version of the song Love it, or leave it that has that uber-patriotic American feeling that i hate to love.
Divided we stand is a good track that i missed the first times i listened to the album and actually "discovered" when i listened through the album for this review. Its a good track that stands out in these days with lyrics like "Talk's of unity its all the same/Just means noone wants to get blamed/Stand on your own if you can/On two feet like a fucking man".
This album i not yet sold out of all stores so if you like it pick it up at

tisdag 1 juni 2010

Urban riot - A mile in our shoes (2000)

01. Moment of silence
02. A mile in our shoes
03. Never quit
04. Protect & serve
05. Hope & glory

Released by Fleed records in 2000.

(Updated 21 April 2012: Uploaded the EP again)

Their second release and this time with only Milo on vocals but the rest of the original members are still there. This album still has that slow US Oi! sound that they put aside for more speeded songs later on.
Its an ok release even if there is really only two tracks worth checking out. The record starts out with an instrumental track and to be honest the band lacks the musical skills to pull it off and it only sounds akward with a drummer that can hardly keep up with the tempo. Both Never quit and Protect & serve are below average tracks but the song A mile in our shoes saves the record. First times i heard it, it sounded strange but i have come to like it more and more everytime i listen to it. Hope & glory is ok and is a veteran tribute but just like A mile in or shoes it ends way to quicky but i guess thats how it goes when you squeeze 5 tracks into a 7 inch.