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tisdag 28 februari 2012

Lyrics for S.H.O.T. by On trial.

We're put on trial for the things we do,
If there's boots on your feet it will happen to you.
We got pride and we stand strong,
We're always right we're never wrong.

We're always right we're never wrong!
We're always right we're never wrong!

We always have to prove our case,
Can you see the anger on our face?
Your perfect world is us in a cell,
We're the leaders of tomorrow only time will tell.

We're the leaders of tomorrow only time will tell!
We're the leaders of tomorrow only time will tell!

If you're on the streets or you're at home,
Never feel victimized you're not alone.
We're on trial 'til the day we die,
We always stand accused and we're never told why.

Telling it how it is since 2007!
Telling it how it is since 2007!

On trial - Today America, tomorrow the world CD (2010)

01. S.H.O.T.
02. Made in the USA
03. Clockwork soldiers
04. The resurrection
05. The new breed
06. Take your country back
07. Weekend
08. Depression
09. Revenge
10. Downtown
11. Subculture kids
12. Working class
13. Paranoia
14. False revolution
15. Soldier (Combat 84 cover)

DIY released 5 copies in 2010. Thanks to the band for sending it in and sharing it free of charge.

The more i listen to the band i am getting seriously feed up with the current label climate. We have tons of labels releasing things sounding somewhat like Oi! and labels who sign and release any hardcoreband with a US Oi! sideproject expecting it to be as good as their comercial HC counterpart.
With United Riot being the only US label that seems to have any sort of intrest in a genuine classic US Oi! sound on their label these days all i can hope for is a EU label like Dims or Pure impact "signing" these guys. If i see another Old firm casual or Razors in the night released by Longshot in 2012 im thinking of going fucking awol on the world in large.

Enough rantings and on with the record.

The sound is a bit rougher and faster this time around and it seems like the band has taken their influences from the patriotic US Oi! of the 80's and early 90's. but also from bands like Condemned 84 and Combat 84 (whom they also do a great cover of).

Take your country back is the first track that stands out with a surprisingly rhytmic feeling and superb singalong chorus. Patriotic subjects like on this one reappear on other songs and its nice to see a healthy nationalism/patriotism in Oi! again.

Another great song is Subculture kids that sounds frightfully simulair to Agent Bulldoggs song Livsstil (or Templars cover for those unfamiluar to Swedish Oi!).

The whole record is way above the majority of current releases out there right now signed or unsigned. The album was sent in by the band free of charge so enjoy it and give feedback if you like it.

söndag 26 februari 2012

Lyrics for Backstreet kids by On trial.

We used to drink in the alleyway,

The cops pressed down so we went away.

We’ve got the spirit of youth,

And we want something new.

The golden boys of yesterday,

Went on to better things but we’re here to stay.

We’ve got the spirit of youth,

And we want something new.

Because the backstreet kids want something to do,

They’ve been left behind by the chosen few,

And now the backstreet kids want something to do,

Today, today.

Dead end kids like me and you,

Nowhere to go and nothing to do.

We’ve got the spirit of youth,

And we want something new.

Give us a future, give us something to do,

And we wont turn our backs on you.

We’ve got the spirit of youth,

And we want something new.

Watch what you do,

Watch what you say,

Watch who you trust,

Because you might be taken away

On trial - Falling down CD (2009)

01. Falling down
02. Dead society
03. Stick together
04. Pride
05. No regrets
06. Stand by your friends
07. Under my boots
08. Fight back
09. Society
10. Down at the pub
11. Junkie
12. Brutal combat
13. Backstreet kids
14. Responsability
15. Janey
16. What tomorrow brings
17. Oi! toy

Selfreleased by the band in 2009.
Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this record.

(Update 16th March 2012: After a British label claimed to own the rights and removed it i have now sorted it out and the album is yet again available for download at the bottom of the post.)

First album with Zach on bass and a big improvement from their old sound. The first thing that struck me when listening to it is how much better Wes sounds now, sure he did a good vocal job on past stuff but where it sometime collapsed before it now holds all way through.

The sound is unadulterated and pure Oi! of the highest quality. The whole record reminds me about the darker East coast Oi! of the 90's and even has a bit of an early The business sound going on in some places.

The lyrical content has a pessimistic and dark feeling and goes great with the heavy bass and paramilitary drums. The themes are about everything from foreign military affairs (Brutal combat) to drugabuse (Junkie). The band even manages to pull of an Irish "dirty riverish" drinking ballad. Its not great but since i otherwise hate this sort of stuff it has to be good.

If your taste in punk is anything like mine its not a question about if you will like it or not more of a question what songs will you like the most. My favourites are Backstreet kids, Stick together, Under my boot and Brutal combat. The only true question though is why doesnt this band have a record deal after all these years?
(WMA files this time to but next record is in MP3)

fredag 24 februari 2012

On trial - Underage & full of rage EP (2008)

01. Intro
02. Kids on the streets
03. Everything i hate
04. Kid's of the 80's
05. Bastards in blue
06. Antisocial

(thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this one)
CDEP released by the band in late 2008 that has the same issues and good parts as the first CD.

Still sounds a bit unpolished but still has some really great songs on it. The intro is a heavy instrumental battleanthem that makes me wish i never quit my warehouse job to go back to school. I used to have these sort of instrumental tracks on a loop when working with the truck and the days would just fly by (and so did my sanity after a couple of hours).

Best song on the record is Bastards in blue that has a bit of a gutterpunk vibe going on.

Wellington arms practices International lover 2012

Chicago stormtroopers

Mickey Nussenbaum & the Arms -Today chicago, Tomorrow the world (Ramones cover... sort of)

torsdag 23 februari 2012

On trial - Thirty years to late CD (2008)

01. Friend or foe
02. Make a change
03. Seventeen
04. Hawkins
05. Skinhead
06. Unionize
07. Wake up America
08. No one likes us
09. Fight to be free
10. We've come to far
11. Everybody hates you
12. Black boots
13. Unite! Unite!
14. My last breath (hidden track)

Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this record.

When compared to the stuff they did later this is far behind, to be honest it sounds more like a demo than a proper release but what a fucking demo it is. Sure the songs are a medley of everything from Patriots, UK subs and Oxblood and the lyrics are quite cliché but still it delivers something that is rare these days, actual American Oi! without any streetpunk or hardcore influences.

This record delivers the most 90'ish sounding US Oi! track i have heard since... the 90's, namely Black boots. A great skinhead vigilante track that stand above most other songs on the record.

Just like the Agent Bulldogg rip-off/tribute they had on the East coast Oi! attack EP their 11th track on the record pay some homage to UK Subs. Atleast i guess it is a tribute because it is just to simulair and obvious to be a rip-off.

Other tracks that are well worth checking out are Wake up America, Seventeen and the Patriot-smelling We've come to far.
Not as great as their later stuff but still way above average.

onsdag 22 februari 2012

New compilation from A dying breed Records

""A Dying Breed Records are looking for American and European Oi and RAC bands for a non pc skinhead compilation entitled BLACKLISTED- TODAYS UNDERGROUND OI. If you or someone you know are interested and have the balls to speak your mind then email us at fighting84@yahoo.com. the comp is going to be free just like our previous one (This is our culture).
//Branding (F84)

tisdag 21 februari 2012

Friend or foe performed by a 2-piece On trial.

The first song written by the band when they still where a 2-piece. Not the best quality but still decent.

On trial (introduction)

A band from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania that plays classic and raw Oi! like it should be. The band was started by Wes (guitar and vocals) and Ben (drums) in early 2007. For about a year they went without a bassplayer until Sarah joined the band. With this lineup they released their first record called "30 years to late" and their first EP "Underage and full of rage". In late 2008 Sarah joined the military service and the band was once again without a bassplayer. Finding someone who was an Oi!head like themselfs was hard but finally they added Zach to their ranks and recorded two new albums called "Falling down" in 2009 and "Today America, tomorrow the world" in 2010.

Since the band only released their record in DIY format and only sold them to friends and people at shows they are far from easy to get ahold of. Only song that has ever been released on a real recordcompany is their contribution to the compilation called East coast Attack Vol.1.

A band that has been missed by to many people because of their inability to get their shit out there.

Return of the Glass heroes

After some years silence Glass heroes (Rogues) return with brand new songs produced by Rat Scabies of The Damned fame. Their brand new 7'' is a split with the Powerpop/Punk band Mean street and will be limited to 500 copies.
Pick it up at Interpunk or Contra.

måndag 20 februari 2012

Einheriar - Demo (1996)

01. Berserkergang
02. Choose your side
03. Einheriar
04. Who is that?

A band 4-piece band from Milwaukee that played a roughsounding Oi!. The main reason why i never heard this band before Jesse H told me about them is probably in their bandname. I might have stumbled upon them but probably slagged them of as another metalviking project. This is sad because they are actually a quite decent band. Heavy drums, good vocalist and a RACish feeling to it (sound not lyrics).

The two last songs on the demo might be a bit slow and not really any good (even with the Last resort influences going on in Who is that) in any way but it's a demo so who can complain.

Aint got a clue where members went after this demo.

söndag 19 februari 2012

The deacons - Brooklyn towne CD (2004)

01. Brooklyn towne
02. Quitting time
03. 29
04. Of my father
05. Don't need a reason
06. Calling out
07. Raise your hand
08. Paper soldier
09. I feel fine
10. The time is right
11. Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover)
12. Only in America

Released by Made In Brooklyn Records in 2004.

Even though the band is still together this was the last thing they released (the lineup is included in my photos so i wont mention it here).

Has a more produced feeling to it than their earlier releases which is both good and bad depending on the songs. Even though the song Paper soldier is still a good song it looses sand anyone searching for Oi! can look elsewhere but if you aint to hard for this sort of music you will probably find some enjoyment from great songs like 29 (streetpunk anthem about growing old) and Quitting time.
Best song on the cd was Don't need a reason. A song that made pissed because it shows how great the band can sound when they focus more on rhytmic rock'n'roll than on whispering streetpunk anthems.
The record cans till be bought at:
The pists ministore
Hepcat Records

fredag 17 februari 2012

The deacons - In the company of dogs LP

01. Raise your hand
02. 82'
03. Paper soldier
04. Tied down
05. Black & white
06. The kids (The who cover)
07. D-train
08. The innocents
09. What gives?
10. Backyard heroes
11. Kinda complete
12. Dreams of the world
13. The show

Released by Made in Brooklyn Records. There is no known info about releasedate and nothing mentioned about it on the record itself.

This record is genius and a huge pile of shit at the same time. The tracks are so uneven i sometimes question if its the same band doing all the songs.

When they are good they bring us both good punktracks (Tied down & What gives) and some more laid back rocktracks like (Kinda complete & Paper soldier). But unfortunately their sound is a bit of on the majority of most songs. On some tracks like Backyard heroes they sound like Rancid with Roger Mirret whispering the lyrics trying to make radiopunk in their garage.

Some of their old songs are still as good as they used to be and some good new ones to but all in all theres just to many bad songs to be bothered with and hearing this new and "improved" version of the classic Dreams of the world made my ears bleed.
The record can still be bought at Vinyljunkie.

onsdag 15 februari 2012

Strong Island Boot Boys release EP through United Riot.

They are now releasing their demo i reviewed last year through United Riot Records. It will be released on 7'' in limited 100 red, 100 blue and 100 white and the rest on black. Be sure to pick it up here:

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Happy valentines Mia.

Nu kanske jag slipper att köpa roser. Älskar dig.

The deacons - Greetings from Brooklyn 7''

01. The time is right
02. Outto my mind
03. My life
04. Friday night

Released by Cobra Records. No releasedate at all is known about this release and no date is written on the release itself. The EP doesnt even list the bandmembers and the Cobra Records is completly unknown so figuring out the release year for this one is almost impossible. The fact that it's a rare record makes it impossible to ask any stores about any info.

The band shows of both their good and bad sides on this ep. The opening track Time is right is probably the best one. Its rhytmic and catchy with good lyrics and a hell of a way to open a EP.
Less good is the second song that is intresting in its own way butt the stop-go-stop-go sections just makes it a freak of a song that is impossible to listen to without getting annoyed.
Song My life offers a good skinhead punk'n'roll anthem but ends just to short to be enjoyable.
Last track is the biggest disappointment since it starts of in a nice modsish way and the chorus is great but the vocalist just cant handle these softer songs and it sounds more like whispers than singing.

Still a nice EP that stands out in both a good and a bad way.

lördag 11 februari 2012

The deacons & Chelloveck 4 - Rats get fat while brave men die 7'' (1999)

01. The deacons - What gives
02. The deacons - Black & white
03. Chelloveck 4 - Closing time
04. Chelloveck 4 - Run awayLänk

Released by Made In Brooklyn in 1999.

The only record by the band that i dont have in my vinylcollection. Thanks to Brian guy for sending me the mp3's.

Some great skinhead rock'n'roll made by two shamefully overlooked bands.
The deacons start it of with their (to this day) best song What gives. The song rocks in that late 70's way (just write Skrewdriver already...) and shows Rich singing in a way i would like to hear more often.
The issues i sometimes have with Rich's voice shows up in their second song where his voice just falls flat at some parts. This most often happens when the band tries to be a bit more radiofriendly an "popish" in their sound.

Chelloveck 4's releases are few but just like the split they did with Baltimore foot stompers (a band where Al Quimet whom would later play in The deacons played) all songs are great. The better one of the two is Run away that has some really nice singalong parts.

fredag 10 februari 2012

Lyrics for Paper soldier by The deacons

I knew a paper soldier boy cut finely out of would
He started out with plastic guns, intentions well and good
And as the years passed by it seems he played the part so well
He wrapped himself in stars and stripes all else could go to hell
And he said "I know whats right and it aint you"

I meet a man while scrubbin pots with a face i'd seen before
For every story i could tell he had a hundred more
Old Irish Joe had nothing left. Not home, nore job, nore wife
Three people at the welfare wake to finally end his life
"Mr please can you spare a dime?"

My god why'd it go so wrong? Why cant you see it through?
Mockry of a country thats more red and white than blue
My god why mothers crying, she aint the only one
Only question left to ask is aint we all your sons?

The deacons - With hope and sincerity 7'' (1998)

01. Paper soldier
02. D train to Brighton
03. Dreams of the world

Released by Pogostick Records. No information at all about the releasedate but i compared them to other Pogostick releases and atleast think i have pinned down the exact year.

Thanks to Brian Guy for rippin the record and leaving me with the lesser task of taking the photoes.

Those who are familuar with Those unknown will feel right at home with this record thanks to the sound that the Owens brothers bring with them but also thanks to the fact that Rich has been clearly influenced by Bill Owens way of singing (here on guitar). This release was the one that made me go out and purchase their other releases. The sound is quite laid back and soft but still has a punky feeling to it. Just like Those unknown most songs have socially aware lyrics Länkwith great lyrics. Best one of them all being Paper soldier.

I missed out on this band when they first where active and found out about them in 2010. An ep that should be classic but has been long forgotten and even though the second track is a bit weak this EP is a necessity in anyones collection.

After this release both Richie Owens and Bill Owens left the band and was replaced by Mikeloporto on drums and Rich Terdoslavich on guitar.
The record can still be purchased at:
Armageddon Records

The deacons (introduction)

Brooklyn based band that started in the late 90's by the Owens brothers on drums and guitar (Those unknown), Bill Hardwick on bass and Rich Stremme on vocals and guitar (the only original member who to this day plays in the band). The different lineups where many so i will try to post them as i post the albums.

The band is described as what happens when punks grow up and for good and bad i guess thats a good explanation. In the beginning they played a more mature sort of skinhead rock'n'roll but in their later years turned into more of a band resembling Hudson falcons.

One thing that has frustrated me from day one is that only two of their five releases featured any kind of information about releasedate wich makes it quite hard to make a discography for them but i will give it a try.

For more information on the band read this interview with one of the members.

torsdag 9 februari 2012

Banner of hope & Funeral dress - Split 10'' (1999)

01. Funeral dress - Lady Di's after party
02. Funeral dress - Confusion
03. Funeral dress - Animal
04. Banner of hope - Deceit and lies
05. Banner of hope - Without a thought
06. Banner of hope - Progress

Released by Knock Out Records in 1999.

Two at the time quite half-ass band make a half-ass split together here.

Funeral dress gets away with their pride intact and actually delivers a good punktrack on their Exploitedish song Confusion. As "crusty pinkmohawk" as they are i actually like this band (atleast their first LP) but i dont think i will ever feature them on the site as a discography.

Banner of hope only had one original member at this point and dont even record a new song for the split , instead they just throw in 3 old not so good song there. Somehow it feels as if they dont give a shit at this point and both the listeners and the band themself just want this whole ordeal to be over. After this release they luckily called it quits (something that should have been done after their first and only good EP if you ask me).
Good Funeral side but an awefull and uninspired Banner side.

onsdag 8 februari 2012

Banner of hope - Behind a banner of hope CD (1998)

01. Barroom brawl
02. Anti-social
03. Wrench in the machine
04. Your lies
05. Pogo
06. Revenge enough
07. Ace of spades (Motörhead cover)
08. Cheers & beers
09. Anger & injustice
10. Progress
11. Wake up today
12. Victim

Released by A.D.D. Records in 1998.

As far as punkrock goes this is actually a decent record and i can see how some might like it but Jen just doesnt fit right in my ear. When listening to the first track called Barrom brawl where she is a bit more calm in the way she sings one can actually hear that she deep down is a good vocalist but then there's songs like the cover of Motörhead. Seriously who in their right mind let that song pass through the filtering process that goes with producing and creating a CD.
To much weak stuff and not that many great songs makes this another record forever forgotten and never again listened to after this review.

tisdag 7 februari 2012

V/A - Rock Against Pedophiles Vol.1: Britain fetches the noose (2012)

01. No remorse - Bring it back
02. East end badoes - Gary doesnt glitter
03. Celtic warrior - To the gallows
04. Bakers dozen - Rule 43
05. English rose - Theres no justice
06. Argy bargy - We know where you live
07. Gundog - Sexcase
08. Section 5 - Hang 'em high
09. Celtic warrior - Child abuser
10. Code 1 - Pervert scum
11. Combat 84 - Rapist
12. Retaliator - Sarah
13. Strikeforce UK - Bring back the rope
14. Squadron - Time for change
15. Bulldog breed - Peadophile
16. Guttersnipe army - Taken for a ride
17. Blank generation - Another victim
18. Condemned 84 - Child killers
19. English rose - Pervert scum (Old cassette demorecording)

Released by Bernando says (me) as a free online bootleg in 2012.

Nothing to do with US Oi! but an all British Oi!/RAC bootleg i have been working on for some time now. All songs send a clear message to predators of the young all around the world.
Take note that even if some of the bands on the comp are on the far right there are no fascist political messages in any of the songs, unless you think a fair punishment to match the subhuman crime is fascist.

Banner of hope - Carry on chaos 7'' (1996)

01. Victim
02. Cheers & beers
03. Anger & injustice
04. Pogo (We're not dying)

Released by Clearcut Recording in 1996.

Thanks to Brian Guy for sending me the rip and scan of the record.

With Jen picking up the mic is when i stop carring basicly. I dont know why people compare this band to Vice squad from UK at all. Becki Bondage and Jen might sound a bit simulair at times but just download this album and listen to Anger and injustice and you will quite soon hear the differance between a good female vocalist like Becki and the "retard mouse sound" that Jen has going on. She just sings to fast and to high to pull it of.

The song Victim is a good track and Pogo is ok other than that it's nothing to be overpsyched about.

måndag 6 februari 2012

Banner of hope performing Progress in early 90's

As far as i know this is the only footage of the orignial line-up. Aint got a clue whats up with Neil's dance in the middle there though.

Banner of hope - Waiting at the barricades 7'' (1994)

01. Life of greed
02. Progress
03. Deranged rebels
04. Where are you

Released by Obnoxious Records in 1994.

This is good and solid punkrock, well if you skip past the first song that is.
Both Deranged rebels and Progress are great tracks and remind me somewhat of Blanks 77 when they where good.
This little ep is something i think most people have ignored thats to the fact that the band later turned into a femalefronted pogopop punkband.

Banner of hope (introduction)

Banner of hope is a good example of a good band that turned bad. They originated from New Jersey in early 90's and played a good punkrock (even though a bit to much pop for me). The origninal lineup was Neil on vocals, John on guitar, Rich Milkawski on bass and Matt Herman on drums. With this lineup they released their first and best EP but soon after Neil left the band and was replaced by Jen (later in NY Rel-X). This is where the band started to take a turn to the worse and after the recording of their second EP both Rich and John left the band leaving Matt as the only original member. The band got some new members, released some more stuff and later went seperate ways. In the 00's the band got together for a short period and a split with Charge 69 was planned but nothing ever came out of that.

söndag 5 februari 2012

Hardsole - Discography

01. One step forward
02. Lower class labour
03. Welcome to Denver
04. Hated
05. Army of hooligans
06. Don't think i will
07. Beer & fags (Hard skin cover)
08. Publife
09. Get out
10. Denver CO
11. St. James gate
12. Facts of life
13. Bring it back
14. Down in DCO
15. King of drunks
16. 3 day weekend
17. Hard drinking nights
18. If you want blood (AC/DC cover)
19. Drunk last night
20. Red, white & blue
21. Back with a bang (Skrewdriver cover)

Underrated and forgotten band that even i can admit was a bit uneven from song to song but still rise way above some of todays celebrated oldschool US acts.

The first 12 songs was part of a file i downloaded back in 2005-2006 in think. It was called "Down the tables at Morey's" and i aint got a clue if this was an actual release or not. The other tracks was songs i downloaded from the the bands old website (dont think it's up anymore).

The bands resemblance to the band Counterattack can be heard on the first tracks and especially the song Army of hooligans. A great song with lyrics like "Commies to the left and nazis to the right, they all try to exploit my kind/We dont need your soapbox politicians to tell us whats on our minds"
Also influences from bands such as Squiggy can be heard on the song Facts of life and just like most other songs this one is about working class life. When not singing about smacking up commies/nazis and working hard they come back to the subject of drinking. The best drinking song of them all is Hard drinking nights where they get a bit more rock'n'roll and almost sound a bit like early Bovver wonderland.

Just like the singer from Fatskins and Counterattack their vocalist has a distinct way of delivering the lyrics. Most times he pulls it of but on some songs he just sounds retarded.

A band that has been forgotten today (except for Total annihilation that did a cover of their song Bring it back). I think its sad because the band really stood out in many ways so if anyone knows what happened to the members after the band let me know.

Hardsole (introduction)

Claimed to be Denvers first Oi! band but hell if i know. The band consisted of Mike on vocals, Leon and Erik on guitars, Bob on bass and Tony on drums. Through the years they where active they changed their sound at some points but the band that is easiest to compare them to would be Counterattack. The band made a whole bunch of anti-racist songs and the band tended to lean to the left in most aspects but from what i know they never counted themselfs as a political band on any side.
The band has been forgotten and not much is known about them and to be honest i dont know if they ever released a proper record or EP but i will upload the 21 songs i know they recorded.

lördag 4 februari 2012

The broadsiders - Pressed to kill 10'' (2010)

01. Castle law
02. Southern identity
03. 1836
04. Lions den
05. Reaction
06. Face value
07. Modern times
08. Mid-city martyrs (2010 Version)

Released by Contra and Longshot Records in 2010.

As the band are getting ready to release a new album i guessed it was time to fill in the gaps in their discography on the site.

As i have ranted about a lot in previous reviews i really like this new Texas uprising with a lot of solid bands croppin up lately. The broadsiders stand out of the crowd though, not only do they focus heavily on southern rock but they also support the team FC Dallas.

Just like their older releases this album holds high quality. A bit more focused on the rock parts on this one but the way they mix up Austins quite rough vocals with the trailerpark guitarmasturbation is more than instresting. Going on 30 y.o this year i am getting less and less interested in going to shows and watching bands play but i can easily say that this bands energy on records really makes me want to see them live.

The first song that caught my ear (and probably the best one on the record) is Southern identity. Great guitars and a great singalong chorus all well orchastrated in a blazing rock'n'roll tempo.

Listening to the "remix" of Mid-city martyrs from their first record really goes to show how much their sound has changed. Sure their first version had a southern touch to it but sounds like something from the backstreets of Brooklyn when compared to the newer version.

Great album. Buy it or squeal like a pig (finally got a Deliverance quote in there).
The record can be bought in these distros:
Oi! aint dead
Durtymick Records
Rebellion Shop
Bandworm Records
Pug Music

fredag 3 februari 2012

V/A - Oi! don't pay the bills Vol.2 CD (2010)

01. The loose skrews - When the going gets tough
02. The loose skrews - Vicious cycle
03. The loose skrews - Violent world (The glory cover)
04. Broken heroes - Newton mutant
05. Broken heroes - Zero tolerance
06. Broken heroes - Skinhead rock and roll
07. The boozers - Drink some more
08. The boozers - Robots
09. The boozers - Beer slurpee
10. The hated - Front page
11. The hated - Troubled Oi!
12. Road to ruin - Back to brewhall
13. Road to ruin - Beer drinkin' hooligans
14. Road to ruin - Chowda
15. Shitfit - Woodchipper
16. Shitfit - xCHEERSx
17. The barons - Bottom of my glass
18. The barons - Decisions
19. The keefs - We're ok
20. The keefs - Compromise
21. Drunken dru band - What about Charlie, Dru (Canada)
22. Drunken dru band - St. Henri (Canada)

Released by Neck Records in 2010.

This night it was -42 Celcius (-44 Fahrenheit) in northern Sweden, i can easily say i find no reason to even go outside the door this weekend. And with this said there will be a lot of post both here and on VHS-ploitation.

I reviewed the first volume in 2010 and even though it didnt contain that much exclusive material it was a really good collection of unknown acts out of the Delaware scene. This time around they still focus on their hometown but they have broaded their sights and even include a bunch of Canadians.

I like most of the band on the comp but it all seems a bit to weak to me and most songs has like on the previous comp been released on records at the time of the comps release.

The loose skrews, Broken heroes, The barons, Road to ruin and The boozers have all been discographied on the site and to my knowledge all the songs they offer on the comp so i will skip directly to the less known acts.

The hated is a longrunning band from Delaware (20 years strong) and has released a couple of records but no matter where i look i cant find any of them for sale. The only other material i have is a demoCD from 2009. They play a sort of punkier Oi! and they do it well even though these two songs are a bit weaker than their older songs. A band that i will get to sometime in the future. (Take a look at my wantedlist on the bottom of the page to see what records i am looking fotr with the band)

Shitfit is a screamo trashy punkband from New Jersey and a good example of why i hate most other people into punk. Not my cup of tea.

The keefs play a radiofriendly steetrock/streepunk (or whatever the hell you kids kall it these days) and i must say i kind of like them, their first song We're ok that is. Stear clear from their song Compromise if you know whats good for you.

The last band on the comp called Drunken dru band is a bunch of Canadians who think they live in Ireland. They play the sort of Irish folkpunk that somehow in later years has been mixed up in the Oi! scene. Whats next a punkalbum featuring a rapband?..... What thats already been done?? (US of Oi! Vol.2 i am looking at you)

Best songs on the comp are the old demosongs from The barons and the song Beer drinking hooligan by Road to ruin.
The album can be bought for pocketchange (around 6 euro) at:
Oi! aint dead
Pure impact

Wellington arms new site.

Wellington arms has a new website at http://wellingtonarmsservice.webs.com/ full with bandinfo, pictures and lyrics. Länk

onsdag 1 februari 2012

Offensive weapon - Selftitled CD (2010)

01. We walk alone
02. Es por tu nación (Klan cover)
03. Fight for your life
04. Face of death
05. Rock against terrorism
06. The storm is comming
07. Offensive weapon
08. Yellow journalist

Released by Pure Impact in 2010. Later re-released on LP by WAR in 2011.

(Update 2 May 2012: Uploaded the album again)

First thing that struck me is how "un-American" the band sounds even though the obvious eastcoast HC-influences. The band has put a lot of time into the guitar-parts of the song wich is quite rare in modern US oi!. The double guitarists really pays of and songs like Fight for your life really floats on some great riffs. The band even reminds me about my homelands own vikingrock at certain parts.

Another thing that sticks out is their vocalist Lee whom i dont think has any prior experiences in the musicscene. If he does let me know because i am quite intrested to hear anything else by the man.

Some might think 8 songs are a bit lazy to release as an CD but i dont have a problem with it. All songs are well thought through and give you as much moneys worth as any other record will. All it does is save your thumb some work when your not forced to skip through 7 songs to your next "good song" on the CD.

Best song on the record is Fight for your life.
The record can be bought at:
Pure impact (CD)
Dim records (CD)