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tisdag 7 februari 2012

Banner of hope - Carry on chaos 7'' (1996)

01. Victim
02. Cheers & beers
03. Anger & injustice
04. Pogo (We're not dying)

Released by Clearcut Recording in 1996.

Thanks to Brian Guy for sending me the rip and scan of the record.

With Jen picking up the mic is when i stop carring basicly. I dont know why people compare this band to Vice squad from UK at all. Becki Bondage and Jen might sound a bit simulair at times but just download this album and listen to Anger and injustice and you will quite soon hear the differance between a good female vocalist like Becki and the "retard mouse sound" that Jen has going on. She just sings to fast and to high to pull it of.

The song Victim is a good track and Pogo is ok other than that it's nothing to be overpsyched about.

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