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fredag 17 februari 2012

The deacons - In the company of dogs LP

01. Raise your hand
02. 82'
03. Paper soldier
04. Tied down
05. Black & white
06. The kids (The who cover)
07. D-train
08. The innocents
09. What gives?
10. Backyard heroes
11. Kinda complete
12. Dreams of the world
13. The show

Released by Made in Brooklyn Records. There is no known info about releasedate and nothing mentioned about it on the record itself.

This record is genius and a huge pile of shit at the same time. The tracks are so uneven i sometimes question if its the same band doing all the songs.

When they are good they bring us both good punktracks (Tied down & What gives) and some more laid back rocktracks like (Kinda complete & Paper soldier). But unfortunately their sound is a bit of on the majority of most songs. On some tracks like Backyard heroes they sound like Rancid with Roger Mirret whispering the lyrics trying to make radiopunk in their garage.

Some of their old songs are still as good as they used to be and some good new ones to but all in all theres just to many bad songs to be bothered with and hearing this new and "improved" version of the classic Dreams of the world made my ears bleed.
The record can still be bought at Vinyljunkie.

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  1. I gotta give you shit for misspelling GENIUS.


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