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tisdag 28 februari 2012

On trial - Today America, tomorrow the world CD (2010)

01. S.H.O.T.
02. Made in the USA
03. Clockwork soldiers
04. The resurrection
05. The new breed
06. Take your country back
07. Weekend
08. Depression
09. Revenge
10. Downtown
11. Subculture kids
12. Working class
13. Paranoia
14. False revolution
15. Soldier (Combat 84 cover)

DIY released 5 copies in 2010. Thanks to the band for sending it in and sharing it free of charge.

The more i listen to the band i am getting seriously feed up with the current label climate. We have tons of labels releasing things sounding somewhat like Oi! and labels who sign and release any hardcoreband with a US Oi! sideproject expecting it to be as good as their comercial HC counterpart.
With United Riot being the only US label that seems to have any sort of intrest in a genuine classic US Oi! sound on their label these days all i can hope for is a EU label like Dims or Pure impact "signing" these guys. If i see another Old firm casual or Razors in the night released by Longshot in 2012 im thinking of going fucking awol on the world in large.

Enough rantings and on with the record.

The sound is a bit rougher and faster this time around and it seems like the band has taken their influences from the patriotic US Oi! of the 80's and early 90's. but also from bands like Condemned 84 and Combat 84 (whom they also do a great cover of).

Take your country back is the first track that stands out with a surprisingly rhytmic feeling and superb singalong chorus. Patriotic subjects like on this one reappear on other songs and its nice to see a healthy nationalism/patriotism in Oi! again.

Another great song is Subculture kids that sounds frightfully simulair to Agent Bulldoggs song Livsstil (or Templars cover for those unfamiluar to Swedish Oi!).

The whole record is way above the majority of current releases out there right now signed or unsigned. The album was sent in by the band free of charge so enjoy it and give feedback if you like it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. yer iam liking this one thanks for getting me into this BAND.

  2. can you please re upload it thanks.

  3. Thank You for the re-up.