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onsdag 8 februari 2012

Banner of hope - Behind a banner of hope CD (1998)

01. Barroom brawl
02. Anti-social
03. Wrench in the machine
04. Your lies
05. Pogo
06. Revenge enough
07. Ace of spades (Motörhead cover)
08. Cheers & beers
09. Anger & injustice
10. Progress
11. Wake up today
12. Victim

Released by A.D.D. Records in 1998.

As far as punkrock goes this is actually a decent record and i can see how some might like it but Jen just doesnt fit right in my ear. When listening to the first track called Barrom brawl where she is a bit more calm in the way she sings one can actually hear that she deep down is a good vocalist but then there's songs like the cover of Motörhead. Seriously who in their right mind let that song pass through the filtering process that goes with producing and creating a CD.
To much weak stuff and not that many great songs makes this another record forever forgotten and never again listened to after this review.

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