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torsdag 23 februari 2012

On trial - Thirty years to late CD (2008)

01. Friend or foe
02. Make a change
03. Seventeen
04. Hawkins
05. Skinhead
06. Unionize
07. Wake up America
08. No one likes us
09. Fight to be free
10. We've come to far
11. Everybody hates you
12. Black boots
13. Unite! Unite!
14. My last breath (hidden track)

Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this record.

When compared to the stuff they did later this is far behind, to be honest it sounds more like a demo than a proper release but what a fucking demo it is. Sure the songs are a medley of everything from Patriots, UK subs and Oxblood and the lyrics are quite cliché but still it delivers something that is rare these days, actual American Oi! without any streetpunk or hardcore influences.

This record delivers the most 90'ish sounding US Oi! track i have heard since... the 90's, namely Black boots. A great skinhead vigilante track that stand above most other songs on the record.

Just like the Agent Bulldogg rip-off/tribute they had on the East coast Oi! attack EP their 11th track on the record pay some homage to UK Subs. Atleast i guess it is a tribute because it is just to simulair and obvious to be a rip-off.

Other tracks that are well worth checking out are Wake up America, Seventeen and the Patriot-smelling We've come to far.
Not as great as their later stuff but still way above average.

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