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fredag 10 februari 2012

The deacons - With hope and sincerity 7'' (1998)

01. Paper soldier
02. D train to Brighton
03. Dreams of the world

Released by Pogostick Records. No information at all about the releasedate but i compared them to other Pogostick releases and atleast think i have pinned down the exact year.

Thanks to Brian Guy for rippin the record and leaving me with the lesser task of taking the photoes.

Those who are familuar with Those unknown will feel right at home with this record thanks to the sound that the Owens brothers bring with them but also thanks to the fact that Rich has been clearly influenced by Bill Owens way of singing (here on guitar). This release was the one that made me go out and purchase their other releases. The sound is quite laid back and soft but still has a punky feeling to it. Just like Those unknown most songs have socially aware lyrics Länkwith great lyrics. Best one of them all being Paper soldier.

I missed out on this band when they first where active and found out about them in 2010. An ep that should be classic but has been long forgotten and even though the second track is a bit weak this EP is a necessity in anyones collection.

After this release both Richie Owens and Bill Owens left the band and was replaced by Mikeloporto on drums and Rich Terdoslavich on guitar.
The record can still be purchased at:
Armageddon Records

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