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måndag 20 februari 2012

Einheriar - Demo (1996)

01. Berserkergang
02. Choose your side
03. Einheriar
04. Who is that?

A band 4-piece band from Milwaukee that played a roughsounding Oi!. The main reason why i never heard this band before Jesse H told me about them is probably in their bandname. I might have stumbled upon them but probably slagged them of as another metalviking project. This is sad because they are actually a quite decent band. Heavy drums, good vocalist and a RACish feeling to it (sound not lyrics).

The two last songs on the demo might be a bit slow and not really any good (even with the Last resort influences going on in Who is that) in any way but it's a demo so who can complain.

Aint got a clue where members went after this demo.

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  1. I'm from Milwaukee and was in the studio with the band, We were all in the same crew. Want anymore info i can hook you up with these guys...