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lördag 11 februari 2012

The deacons & Chelloveck 4 - Rats get fat while brave men die 7'' (1999)

01. The deacons - What gives
02. The deacons - Black & white
03. Chelloveck 4 - Closing time
04. Chelloveck 4 - Run awayLänk

Released by Made In Brooklyn in 1999.

The only record by the band that i dont have in my vinylcollection. Thanks to Brian guy for sending me the mp3's.

Some great skinhead rock'n'roll made by two shamefully overlooked bands.
The deacons start it of with their (to this day) best song What gives. The song rocks in that late 70's way (just write Skrewdriver already...) and shows Rich singing in a way i would like to hear more often.
The issues i sometimes have with Rich's voice shows up in their second song where his voice just falls flat at some parts. This most often happens when the band tries to be a bit more radiofriendly an "popish" in their sound.

Chelloveck 4's releases are few but just like the split they did with Baltimore foot stompers (a band where Al Quimet whom would later play in The deacons played) all songs are great. The better one of the two is Run away that has some really nice singalong parts.

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